Sunday, July 30, 2017

Random Thoughts: As July 2017 Winds Down & August 2017 is Before Us.....

I begin this final "Random Thought" for the Month with this I picked up  courtesy of the Boy Scouts of America: 

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Did you know that Scouts performed 15.4 million hours of community service in 2016?  That's a staggering $363.5 million value! And it's impossible to measure the long-term effects, especially as each Scout learns how good it feels to help others.  

As a proud Scouter, I could not be more proud to feature this because I won't mind as I note that in many ways Scouting saved me.    I have done what I can to give back despite the profound constraints I have had to deal with including serving on two Eagle Boards of Review later on today and to serve as Scouting For Food Co-Chair for my local Scout District For This Year-in spite of what President Trump did at the 2017 Jamboree which prompted an unprecedented apology from the Chief of the Boy Scouts.     There has been enough about the politics of it--including President Trump replacing his Chief of Staff.    I won't dwell on it further as there has been enough said on I only hope that reason prevails for the sake of all.   I will note this that the need for American Leadership is ever so critical with the implosion in Venezuela, the continued challenge in North Korea and the flare up in the Middle East.   The idea that a Government threatens people with taking away their house is just beyond horrific.   

This month in my hometown of Laguna Niguel was a challenging one.   It was also quite unfortunate as I was witness to a special meeting of the Laguna Niguel City Council that ordered 4-1 to launch an investigation against the Mayor.   The outsider counsel is due to report back on August 7.    This is also as local politics is heating up with County Supervisor Todd Spitzer launching his campaign for District Attorney and the Sheriff Retiring--with one of our own in South County, Dave Harrington, vying to be sheriff.   It is bound to be quite a year in 2018!!!

July, though, for me was a month of hope despite periodic challenges.    I was witness to the selfless souls who continue to make a difference for the less fortunate.    Earlier in the year,  I was part of the team that helped with the 2017 Point in Time Count that helped to get a sense of the number of homeless in Orange County:  4,792.    Out of that, an estimated 2584 people were estimated to be un sheltered--and this number also included 131 Families who were homeless.   We were given a tour of what was being done to mitigate such circumstances including the FamilyCare Center launched by HomeAid Orange County--a non profit I have had the pleasure to serve and support over the past number of years. The insights I gained was remarkable as I joined the Continuum of Care Tour  sponsored by the  Association of California Cities-Orange County was quite remarkable.   Although it might be a drop in the bucket, it is a start--and it is great to be witness to it all.    I also had the pleasure to join my fellow Commissioners on the Traffic Commission as we deliberated a number of key initiatives and received a fabulous briefing on Vision Zero courtesy of the City of Santa Ana.

On a personal note, one highlight of my month was the pleasure to finally see the Freedom Sculpture during a day of reflection I had in Los Angeles:

As August is at hand, I will be "kind of" taking it easy in August with Random Thoughts to work away on some pressing initiatives and in turn gear up for the final four months of 2017.    As the team at Daily Outsider will also be "Dark" for the month, I look forward to continuing to support it as the properties continue to evolve.   It was also gratifying as I understand a few of the properties have achieved some milestones of their own.    

I wish all a fantastic August!!!

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