Sunday, September 3, 2023

#RandomThoughts on Iran

It is Labor Day here in the United States and I have been working away and thinking about Iran as the anniversary of Mahsa's death approaches.

I decided to share these #RandomThoughts on the last number of months on the realities in Iran:

Here are some of the tragic highlights: 

  • Discussing the great Shamloo:  How the anniversary of his passing was thwarted by the Regime;
  • Raissi Going to Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya:  It costs more to fly him to Zimbabwe than the whole trade with the country
  • Almost 2 Billion Dollars being sent to Hizballah, Hamas/Islamic Front/Hasth-Shabbi (Iraq), and Jaamelt Al Mustafa ((A "UniversitY" that spent over 700 million of the 2 billion Alone--Hizballah got almost a billion
  • A Morally corrupt and compromised Offical in Gilan was busted by one of his victims--and apparently, he had abused over 20 under-aged boys--and regime apologists talked about how "pious individuals" must be protected and his boss, the minister of Islamic Guidance, talked about how there were no "reports' and he had plans to hire 400 (Hizabollahi)
  • Raissi asked his government ministers to tell children they'd be better by having more kids.
  • 70% of Iran is under the official poverty line
  • They've shut down stats dealing with births (that analysts state has dropped) as the rates of abortion have arisen.
  • Inflation sprawling out of control and One of Raissi's VPs says people will see the results of the government's efforts "soon."
  • Sepideh Gholian's prison sentence was extended by 2 years, and was also dealing with a complaint from Ameneh Sadatt Zabihi Pour accusing Sepideh of, I believe, libel--and ended up getting an additional 15 months.   Sepideh's response was so brave and telling:  It was worth it.
 I close out with the following clip: 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

ON the Prowl On this Labor Day W-End 2023: #RandomThoughts



Let no one think that flexibility
and a predisposition to compromise
is a sign of weakness or a sell-out.
- Paul Kagame

The boldness of asking deep questions may require
unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers.
- Brian Greene

Those who can see value only in tradition,...
deny man's ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
- Stephen Bayley

In science the important thing is to modify and change
one's ideas as science advances.
- Herbert Spencer

Be resolute in your goals, but flexible in your tactics.
There are times that call for repetition and perseverance;
and there are times that require new ways of thinking and doing.
The challenge is knowing one from the other.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The Stoics stood out in Athens. They stood out in Rome. Whether it was Cato walking around barefoot or Cleanthes proudly doing manual labor. Whether it was Seneca practicing his poverty or Marcus Aurelius reading during gladiatorial games, the Stoics were different.

It was obvious. It was intentional.

If I wanted to be like the mob, Chrysippus once said, I would not have become a philosopher. I want to be like the red thread, Agrippinus told a friend, the thread that stands out and makes the garment beautiful.

The Stoics knew that each of us was born inherently unique. Well before an understanding of the science of DNA, they implicitly grasped that never before and never again will our combinations of genetics exist–that we are singular. So why would they try to become like everyone else? Why would they unquestioningly do what everyone else did? Why would they mute their colors, conform their thoughts, fearfully submit to someone else’s rule?

They stood apart. They stood tall. They stood proud. And so must you. Because you are you, never to exist ever again. Not part of the mob or the crowd but a philosopher.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

While On the Prowl: Le cercueil de Belmondo quitte les Invalides sur "Chi Mai"

While working away on some month-end curation work supporting the Daily Outsider and gearing up for September Projects, I decided to release this to my "Virtual Corner" to remember a legend: Jean-Paul Belmondo.   I was in awe over how France honored him as it did and how the crowd (joined by President Macron and his wife)  cheered him on as he was taken to his final resting place with full military honors.     
Vive L' France

Sunday, July 23, 2023

On the "Virtual Prowl" With Some Month-End #RandomThoughts

It has been quite a month and quite a year of ongoing Public Service Commitments, working on commitments at the Daily Outsider, and continuing ongoing social and political advocacy on Iran and the World.   The tragedy of Iran continues with no apparent end in sight.    

I also decided to end my "Twitter Blue" Experiment after a few months--although my forays into Social Media will continue to have a mix of periodic advocacy, leveraging research, be an uplift er when appropriate, it will be different.

Staying hopeful despite the challenges as August 2023 dawns...


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Out & About With Some Brief Month-End #RandomThoughts

As I write this, it is the dawn of a new work week as I had a chance over the 4-Day Memorial Day Weekend to reflect on taking stock of where I have been and where I am going.    I also wanted to remember the brave souls who languish in Iranian Dungeons, including the rapper Tomaj Salehi-The Conscious of Iran.

I spent Memorial Weekend 2023 Saturday on a "daycation" in LA as I served as a Volunteer at the California Democratic Convention, being witness to the Governor, The State Treasurer, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the First Partner, and other local and State Leaders speak--and watching Democracy in Action.   I then went up to Glendale to visit my old High School, drive up the routes, and see how I somehow lived through it all.   I drove by the school where I learned to play Basketball, and I went to Forest Lawn to visit my late Aunt and Grandmother's gravesite to appreciate all I have been blessed with.

As I close out these #RandomThoughts With Romancing the Stone, I know the best is yet to come: 

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Out & About with #RandomThoughts...

While working away, I decided to share the following #RandomThoughts as new month looms....

I Believe


I believe in the greatness of the individual, and that I am in this world for a purpose; that purpose being to put back into life more than I have taken out.
I believe in the integrity of other people, assured that they try as hard to follow the gleam, even as I.
I believe in the gallantry of older people whose seasoned experience and steadfast devotion has preserved for me the precious heritage of the past.
I believe in the magnificence of the past, knowing that without its storied wealth I would possess nothing.
I believe in the challenge of the future, fully realizing that there will be no future except as it becomes alive through me.
I believe in the contagion of health, and that I can spread it through cheerfulness, wholesome habits, sensible expenditure of energies and wise use of foods.
I believe in the nobility of work as the creative expression of the best within me, and as my share in easing the common load of all.
I believe in the enrichment of play and laughter as the means of cleansing my body of staleness and my soul of bitterness.
I believe in God, who justifies all of these beliefs; He is still the small voice within, ever urging me toward the unattained. Since He cares for these things, I believe that even death cannot steal these precious possessions from me.
And what evermore I believe is intertwined in those precious feelings that lie too deep for words.


The essence of a person is best revealed by what they believe in;… What they are FOR, not what they are against.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Out & About With Some Brief Month-End #RandomThoughts


Iranians reflect upon how it was and how it is depicted by an AI-Powered rendition of the ancient capital of Persia and the predicament now in Iran as Girls are being subjugated to either poisoning in School or being forced to marry early as so brilliantly depicted by Mana Neyestani.

May the world witness a day when all of Iran will utter, "Free at last...Free at last...thank god almighty we're free at last".

Monday, April 17, 2023

Out & About with some Brief Mid-Week #RandomThoughts


It has been quite a month!!

I was reflecting upon the month and the year as I had the pleasure of attending a play by the independent collective artists of Los Angeles as a tribute to the Iranian Revolution:  Seven Labours of Liberty.    

As I also was working away, I realized how as a simple ordinary face, I have done what I can to make a difference- by serving as a Scout Leader and volunteering for my local Catholic parish food pantry.   Despite the odds, this is also as I continue working on Daily Outsider projects.   Despite a very challenging schedule, though, I do what I can for our World as a simple ordinary face by doing social advocacy contributing to Global Citizen to contribute to their campaigns on the environment and social equality issues around the World. I also am a member of the World Community Grid that, contributes idle my idle Computer time to scientific research around the World.

I also, through ecosia, contribute to doing what I can for our Earth as I leverage the usage of the Treecard App. For every 10,000 steps, ecosia plants a tree around the World. When a certain dollar threshold is made, a tree is planted. I have done my small part having been able to plant 240 trees over the last 12 months.   As we're also approaching Earth Day 2023, I plan on joining my hometown's earthy day events at our city's Botanical Preserve to help plant trees.  

I am grateful for the privilege to reflect upon my blessings to do my small part to make a difference in every way possible.   

Monday, April 10, 2023

Out & About with brief Personal #RandomThoughts

While working away, I wanted to reflect upon a very proud aspect of my personal history as I was a student at the Don Bosco "Andiseh" Academy in Iran, and I decided to reflect upon it as I also feature this about the beauty of Persian Culture: 

Gheymeh Nesar

Gamaj Kabab - Lamb Stew With Herbs And Walnuts Cooked in Terracotta Pot

Gamaj Kabab is a mouthwatering dish from the Gilan province in northern Iran. Gamaj is a piece of Persian Terracotta-style cookware to slow cook meat and fish.

Gheymeh Nesar - Persian Jewelled Rice with Meat

Gheymeh Nesar is a divinely luscious dish from Qazvin, Iran. This luxurious rice dish is a celebration of color with a heavenly taste. Gheymeh refers to the small pieces of meat and Nesar means something like ‘offering’, highlighting how precious this dish is, which is why it is often prepared on special occasions.

Khoresh-e Khalal - Persian Lamb Stew with Dried Limes, Black Barberries, and Slivered Almonds

Khoresh-e Khalal is a flavourful lamb stew from the Kermanshah province in western Iran.The black barberries give the dish a pleasant hint of sourness. The sun-soaked limes add further tartness and irresistible fragrance, while the slivered almonds add texture, making each spoon full a multi-sensory adventure.

Do Piazeh Jegar - Spicy Onion Chicken Liver

Do Piazeh Jegar is a southern Iranian dish made of chicken liver. There are different recipes in different regions and southern cities but they all have a common ingredient - chilli. I tried to keep the authenticity of the recipe with a bit of Hami’s touch!  



Monday, April 3, 2023

Out & About With Brief #RandomThoughts On Nowruz

 Yesterday, Iranians throughout Southern California celebrated Nowruz--the 13th Day with a day with Family.

I salute the team at Farhang Foundation who's done so much (and I've had the privilege to periodically contribute to their work) as I note these #RandomThoughts on this pivotal #WomanLifeFreedom Year: 

We wish you a very happy 13th Day of Nowruz.
As we close this year's special annual Nowruz season, we look back at all of Farhang Foundation's programs and events in observance of this ancient Iranian holiday.

Wishing everyone around the world light and freedom in the new year.
Over 700 Nowruz - Woman Life Freedom
street banners throughout the streets of Southern California
Designed by Rashin Kheiriyeh