Friday, August 28, 2020

Out & About with Brief Month-End #RandomThoughts

An illustrated group of diverse volunteers.

September is before us.  It has been a very challenging Month in some respects as I have worked away on commitments at the Daily Outsider, a critical Graduate Project and new  initiatives which I look forward to sharing thoughts in a few weeks--as I continue to assess existing initiatives.   I look forward to sharing some updated  guidance over the ensuing few weeks. 

As I look forward to the new working month, I hereby remember all who agitate for freedom and democracy around the World as I close things out with this clip courtesy the team at Tavana  capturing the aspirations of 80 Million Iranians and by extension all who wish to be free from terror and to live in peace:  

Onward to September as I implore all to #WearAMaskSaveALife and to please #StaySafe.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Out & About With Mid-Month #RandomThoughts

It has been quite a challenging month being witness to a surge in COVID-19 and the on-going challenges in our World.     

 I tried to maintain a semblance of order as I was also very very saddened by what has been going on in Iran.   Nasrin Soutodeh, The Lawyer and Civil Rights Campaigner, went on a hunger strike.  I caught an interview with her husband as he provided an update on the latest regarding his wife's case.  I was so in awe by his courage as he explained the realities of the situation in Iran's prisons not withstanding a pathetic report on Iranian Television about how things were just great.   What I also found so pathetic was how a Government proposal was floated to sell Oil to ordinary Iranians to help fund government expenses and then they can "sell it back".  What was so pathetic was that it was proposed by the head of Mahan Air--for all who don't know who Mahan Air is, this is an airline owned and supported by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp that was the primary culprit to bring COVID-19 to Iran during the first phase--while Government officials denied the arrival of the virus and even went as far as say that religious sites had to be open.    What was also so infuriating was how Iran was on the prowl tried to "help" Lebanon with Drugs/Supplies (Some 15 Tons according to the President's Chief of Staff) and yet they complained about the lack of drugs.   When I saw reports about 57 Villages in the Province of Sistan and Baluchestan had no running water--I wondered what the priorities of the regime were.  

It was also quite a month as Israel and the UAE took steps to establish diplomatic relations.  UAE sent forth a probe to Mars.  I   helped release a Notation for the Daily Outsider as our development work & analysis continues--Daily Outsider will continue its' work curated its' Twitter Corner as the live pod will also be available as we scale back on our weekly analysis gearing up for the balance of the year.   It is also Democratic Convention Week--the first convention where it is going to be held virtual--and I can't help but wonder if the "show" will go on in a Post-Covid World.   I am hoping to make the rounds of some of the policy roundtables to understand it all.

.    It was also quite a month as I joined a round-table sponsored by OneVoice and Zimam .     There is of course the little matter of the US Elections--I had the chance to join a Zoom "Happy Hour" Meeting sponsored by Predictit featuring Anthony Scramuchi as there were discussions on the future of the Elections.  I have done done some "dabbling" on Predictit--I'll have some thoughts after the elections on how things turn out.The courage of the youth was so inspiring--in spite of the Israeli Blockade of Gaza.    

 What I found gratifying was the rays of hope in the midst of the challenging times.   I had the pleasure to join Two Boy Scout Eagle Board of Reviews and had the pleasure to be supportive of the St. Timothy's Catholic Parish Pantry Operations as it served an average of 100 families a week.   As I got to listen to the Eagle Scout Candidates and their projects, it elevated my sense of hope on how the future can be bright ever more.  

 This was also a month to celebrate Heroes and reflect upon their sacrifice: 

The Jacket on the left was Owned by SSG Frank  Barnese (1917-1975)-who was  active Duty 7 Dec 1941 Hickam Field Hawaii and Spent Word II Pacific Theater,  

I remain hopeful as I took comfort in the following: 


Please Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, abide by CDC and WHO Guidelines, WearAMask & Save A Life so that together we can overcome.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Out & About With Brief #RandomThoughts...

As I write this, the continued aftermath of the Beirut Tragedy is heart wrenching to be witness to--The simple sentence Saad Harriri as he said:  Beirut Died said it all--and how I am convinced Hezobollah has a part it is part of the problem.    Walid Jumballat, the Druze Leader,  had opened up his areas of control as Shiite areas of Beirut opened their homes up--as I know Lebanon will rise up from the ashes again.   The leading Iranian Analyst, Dr. Nourizadeh, said that as long Fairuz is, so will Lebanon. 

As I was thinking about the week that was, I decided to capture some #RandomThoughts on the pain and of course as a tribute to Iranian Freedom Fighters during the Revolution of 1906.   I look forward to releasing translations of two current valiant fighters soon as I remain hopeful in spite of all the challenges.