Tuesday, May 26, 2020

My Final #RandomThoughts for May 2020.....

As May 2020 drifts away into the dustbin of history, I was hopeful to end my #RandomThoughts on a high note as I did during Memorial Day 2020--yet the tragic killing of this 13-year child shocked me as I read this on the Telegram Channel for the Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi.   One can argue that it was too early for her to get married to her boyfriend--but that does not justify killing her savagely no matter what.

I also finished some thoughts on my Facebook Wall which I wanted to also release here as my Final entry for the Month.   We have so much to be  thankful for, but so much that we can do as we all figure out a way to live our lives beyond the lockdown--because we have got to get it done:

I close out with this reminder from the great Victor Frankl as I Look forward to my #RandomThoughts next month and being continually supportive of the mission of the Daily Outsider:

Monday, May 25, 2020

#RandomThoughts As a New Week Dawns.....

On this new day as it begins, I wanted to share Digital #RandomThoughts as I look forward to the on-going engagement and support of my work at the Daily Outsider.

Please #StaySafe & #BeWell Everyone!!!

Isfahan, Iran and the iconic Bridge
 and Zayandeh Rood (River)--which is Now Dry 

Friday, May 22, 2020

Out & About with some #RandomThoughts As the W-End Looms.....

It has been quite a week, quite a month and quite a year as I continue commitments for on-going projects at the Daily Outsider and beyond.
As It is the eve of Eid Al Ftr, the end of Ramadan in the Muslim World.   I wanted to extend my best wishes on this joyous time as I extend #EidMubarak wishes to all..   I captured this beautiful depiction designed by the very talented Maryam Al Balooshi.

I close out this thought with this to remember and honor a valiant fighter for Freedom in Iran-Nasrin Soutodeh as I know #WeWillReClaimIran--I implore all to #StaySafe & #BeWell as I wish all in the US a safe #MemorialDay2020:   

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

While Out & About For the Night.....

I caught this during my daily curation work for the Daily Outsider that I released to my FB Wall which I wanted to also note here in some late notations--anyone listening will be able to be supportive of the work of the Pan American Health Organization courtesy the team at Sony Music Latin!!

As I also continued being out and about, I decided to call up one of Coach Wooden's Favorite pieces of poetry which is kind of appropriate for the moment as I implore all to #StaySafe, #BeWell & #KeepTheFaith  as I wish all a great rest of the week and a great weekend:


When your world's
about to fall,
And your back's
against the wall,
When you're facing
wild retreat and utter rout;
When it seems that
naught can stop it,
All your pleas and plans
can't prop it
Get a grip on yourself and--
stick it out!

Any craven fool can quit,
But a man with pluck and grit
Will hold until the very final shout;
In the snarling teeth of sorrow
He will laugh and say;
"Tomorrow The luck will change--
I guess I'll stick it out."

The luck does change; you know it,
All the records prove and show it,
And the men who win are men who strangled doubt,
Who neither hesitate nor swerve,
Who have grit and guts and nerve,
And whose motto is;
play hard and stick it out.

And you think you can't last long,
Whenever things go wrong,
That you've got to quit
not wait the final bout;
Smile, smile at your beholders,
Clench your teeth
and square your shoulders,
and fight!
You win if you but STICK IT OUT!


Monday, May 18, 2020

Out & About with Brief #RandomThoughts

As a new week dawns, I decided to capture some Visual #RandomThoughts with a "Selfie" reflections I released for the Week that along with a simple admonition-I look forward to the on-going discourse throughout the week:

Monday, May 11, 2020

Out & About With Weekly #RandomThoughts

I was blessed to spend Mothers Day with my Mother and Sister.   I had been writing and reflecting upon my blessing throughtout the week especially as the Pandemic has truly brought home what is important and what is not--and yes to embrace the brutal facts that we have a blessed life and at some stage we will die.    We must truly savor all the moments we have.

As I have been assessing on-going initiatives, pondering the future of the Daily Outsider and thinking about #LifeAfterCovid, my mind drifted to my trip to Atlanta back in February before the Pandemic hit us as it did.   I had the pleasure to visit the National Civil Rights Center, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN and the Olympic Park--and the Coca Cola Museum.   All of these symbols of American Greatness reflect a true sense of the possible and a sense of resilience.   I was in awe at the courage and optimism I saw in spite of all the challenges--when, for instance, I was seeing the scenes from Dr. King's Funeral.     I will have more to say on it over the ensuing weeks as I produced this Visual Essay on Atlanta:

This is also quite a month as Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.   Every night around 10 PM PST the Kalameh Network from London features a live feed from Saudi Arabia (delayed though) as evening prayers are cited at the Holy Kaaba.    The Holy Kaaba, Islam's Holiest Shrine, is closed and all who are praying are the Kaaba Staff who have been tested and are not allowed to leave.     It is quite a scene to be witness to it --Normally, millions on a 24 hour basis visit the Holy Kaaba which was first built by the Prophet Abraham.

While I was out & about in the Community, someone called me out--she wanted me to step aside to observe Social Distancing Rules even though she did not have a mask and I did--I was unfortunately side tracked on my Phone as I was doing my mid-day review of developments for the Daily Outsider.   Later on, I visited a friend of mine and he made it a point of reminding on how we must all be diligent on Social Distancing Rules.   I note these two very simple examples to underscore how the new normal is before us and we must embrace it for the sake of each other.

I close out with the following Visual #RandomThoughts on Visual  Essays I produced over the course of the last number of weeks during #LifeInTheTimeofCorona: 

Saturday, May 9, 2020

#RandomThoughts While Out & About On this #MothersDay2020 W-End....

While Out & About , Finished off some thoughts  over my Facebook Wall & On Twitter along with images from images from my Family Archives as Life During Covid reminded me of all I'm blsessed with--one grateful Dude as I remain hopeful ever more:

My Maternal Grand Parents 

My Mother, Maternal Grand Mother & Maternal Grand Father


Monday, May 4, 2020

Out & About With Weekly #RandomThoughts.....

As a new week dawns,  I begin with the two thoughts I captured above as I also I finished two thoughts while visiting the "Virtual Rounds" on Social Media over the weekend.  I wanted to share here in my Personal Corner as I implore all to #StaySafe & #BeWell--and to please listen to the scientists and the health professionals as I know #WeWillGetThroughThisTogether: