Friday, September 20, 2019

Brief #RandomtThoughts As weekend looms....

It was another busy week of engagements and projects--I had the pleasure to be in Laguna Beach earlier this week and captured this beautiful gem of life in Laguna Beach--The Sunset says it all!!!

I look forward to sharing some closing thoughts as I gear up for the 4th Quarter.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


It is the eve of 9/11 as I write some #RandomThoughts For the Week.   I captured the thoughts as I did above to think about our World especially as I see now John Bolton has been fired (or resigned) depending on the narratives.    

The two images I noted above to headline my #RandomThoughts was about caring and about making sure that as one simple member of the @ordinaryfaces, I continue to do what I can to give voice and to help to transform--the basic mission behind the Daily Outsider.   This is as I also finished off helping with curation on the eve of 9/11 as our team will go dark through Thursday in honor of 9/11 although our Twitter Feed will be active daily with updates along with the Broadcast POD.

As I close out these Brief #RandomThoughts, I wanted to salute the memory of the #BlueGirl in Iran who died of wounds she suffered after setting herself on Fire in protest at receiving a prison sentence for attending a football (Soccer) Match and also salute the Civic Activists who have received a combined 111 Years Prison Sentence:  


Sunday, September 1, 2019


The Laguna Niguel Skyline 
It is the eve of Labor Day as I write this.   I took a little time off commitments at the Daily Outsider to reflect and remember while being supportive of My Aunt's Move to her new community.    It has been a odyssey to reflect upon a fabulous life and as she begins a new chapter of an accomplished life of purpose that she has had so far.    Being a symbol of resilience, strength and courage in spite of all the odds has been an inspiration to me, My Sister (a symbol of strength, courage and stoic tenacity in her own right and very much a source of inspiration) , my cousins, our extended family and her vast circle of friends.   As I was reflecting upon such a magnificent life, I caught the image above from my Aunt's  residence late last night as I was taking a break before getting back to work.   

As I am back at my Office, I had a chance to call up a beautiful melody sung by a legend of Iranian Music and Art for almost 60 years--The great Googosh.   She began as a child prodigy, grew up to be one of the most versatile performers with memorable roles in Music and Film.  The revolution derailed her career and she was subject to intimidation and harassment constantly--I believe that she was under arrest on at least a couple of occasions before leaving Iran.     I released this to my Personal Twitter Feed Late Last night to remember:

Onward to September with all its' possibilities....