Monday, March 27, 2017

Random Thoughts: On Life, Pride, etc......

My Uncle Passed away.    He was buried at the same cemetery that my brother was buried at, Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  I admit I tried to put on a brave face through it all .   The week was also a good week too as  my Son's Official Eagle Court of Honor was held.   His Speech was magnificent and a point of pride which I am very proud to share.   

I had hoped to be able to be of help to my Aunt & Family as they moved--but unfortunately due to an unforeseen conflict, I could not join them.     Despite a rather challenging weekend, I took a bit of a refugee as I served as a Co-Host for the #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha initiative to underscore what was within the art of the possible.    Some work was also done on the Daily Outsider as some of the properties I had worked on was included and some were refreshed.    This was also quite a weekend as the profound challenges our World faces was evident with the on-going wars in Iraq and Syria . As I was working away, it was announced that the United States will dispatch another 5,000 troops to Iraq to support the house-to-house going on in Mosul.  The SkyNews reports out of Mosul was quite a Gut Check that is available here by asking the simple question:  Can you live like this?    

All I could do was to remind myself  as I took comfort in these thoughts:

Onward to the New Week with all its' possibiltlies.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Remembering & Being Ever So Blessed......

Earlier today while working away, I finished off these thoughts on my Facebook Wall as I reflected upon all that I am blessed with.    We must never forget all blessings during this brief time we have on this Earth.   

On a brief prowl before running as I Working Away as I contributed this momento in support of Donate a Photo being ever so thankful for all the blessings especially on the passing of my uncle Dr. Hormozi..grateful to all who've been gracious enough to share thoughts....a privilege to have known him as I look forward to joining the family tomorrow at his funeral service at Hollywood Cemetery (where my brother is also buried ...) to honor a life of service & I ask the almighty to grant my Aunt Mimi, My Cousins James HormoziScherezade Yasmine Hormozi John Hormozi, Sherry et. al the solace to live on.... #jnj #donateaphoto...wishin' all a great rest of the wk..and a great w-end...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Random Thoughts Spring, Nowruz, Optimism & Other Thoughts.....

It was quite a week to be witness to my Community in Action.   For me, it began with my attending the Traffic Safety Workshop that was sponsored by the City of Laguna Niguel.  It was led by one of the City's Motor Deputies.   Here is a grid of that night I captured: 

It was a comprehensive and brutally honest presentation.    Whether the message resonates remains to be seen.   The City has made a concerted effort to reach out, educate and engage--something I am confident will build upon the initiative I had the privilege to work on at the Traffic Commission that was featured on Route50--available by clicking on here.   

This was also a week that I decided to do an outreach to the Office of the Speaker of the House about the very disturbing comments that Congressman Steve King of Iowa made about Immigrants.   I got a response--not the response I was looking for: 

March 14, 2017
Dear Mike,
Thank you for contacting me regarding immigration. We are a compassionate nation, and we are also a nation of laws. It is important we insist that everyone come here legally and maintain legal status.   I recently visited the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to get a firsthand look at the many challenges facing our law enforcement professionals along the border. It gave me even greater respect for the work that they do day-in and day-out. But more tools and more support are needed for them to do their jobs effectively. That is why Congress is working closely with the Trump administration to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.
Visit for future updates on this issue, and thank you again for getting in touch.  

It was not that big a deal as I also received a number of responses due to other on-going outreach efforts I undertook.   It is kind of fun to see such responses notwithstanding the fact that they are "canned".      

Tuesday saw me joining a community workshop sponsored by Our Fathers' Table at St. Timothy's Catholic Parish. It was launched by a local Community activist and artist to help transform homelessness.    Our Father's Table has been able to help 110 people get off the streets.  It was a very enlightening presentation as I look forward to doing what I can to be of support to this organization. Homelessness is a profound problem that is not covered unless one looks at media such as the Guardian of London.      

Wednesday saw me attending another meeting at Laguna Niguel City Hall in line with my responsibility as Commissioner.  It was the annual Ethics Training that was as always insightful.  As I joined members of the Council and other commissioners,  it reminded me that being righteous should be ever so engrained.  It is unfortunate when actions occur as they are.    This reminded me of Gandhi Ji's admonition to be the change we want to see in our World and it starts with being righteous.    This is also as Thursday Saw the Quarterly Neighborhood Watch Meeting which was hosted by Laguna Niguel Police Services featuring the Animal Control Team.    I also dropped in to the Aliso Niguel High School Swim Meet and was in awe as I saw the Volunteers in action as they grilled and sold snacks in support of the Youth of Aliso Niguel High School.   

Being witness to the engagements by the Community underscores my sense of optimism for the future.     Nature reminds us of this fact as Spring is in the Air.      This sense of optimism is underscored by this clip I picked up from the Iranian Film Director, Jafar Panahi:  

It is about looking to the future and letting go of the past-- A good lessons for us all to be aware of as I wish all a Happy Spring and to all who celebrate Nowruz, Happy Nouroz!!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Random Thoughts On the Eve of St. Patrick's Day......

Image result for st patrick's day

It is the eve of St. Patrick's Day.    
 It has been quite a week around town as I gear up for my latest Random Thoughts.   This is as I have continued support for the Daily Outsider assisting with the aftermath of the Dutch Elections as there are indeed profound challenges ahead despite what our team noted last night with "Common Sense prevailed".    President Trump has had a challenging few days .   His  Budget  Blueprint is Out--and it is brutal.     This is also as President Trump's Wiretap claims have been debunked.  The President's Travel Ban has also been blocked by Two Federal Judges.     Ivana Trump's Book is about to be published as well.    

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to feature this from Arianna Huffington to help transform one's live courtesy of +Peter H. Diamandis which is one of my must reads which I hope all enjoy.   

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I wanted to continue to How do top CEOs lead during this exponential age?
How do you manage the explosion of information and onslaught of increasing competition?
How do you prevent yourself from getting burned out?
How do you maintain agility during today’s tsunami of change?
Today’s blog is the third of three parts deriving insights and advice from three incredible forward-thinking leaders: Beth Comstock, Sue Siegel and Arianna Huffington, who addressed my 2017 Abundance 360 CEO Summit in a module called “Exponential Leadership.”
Today’s blog will focus on Arianna Huffington’s advice.
Let’s dive in...

Meet Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is an incredible entrepreneur.
She founded the Huffington Post, a news platform with millions of readers per month. AOL acquired the Huffington Post in 2011 for $315 million.
Now, Arianna is starting an exciting new company called Thrive Global to help entrepreneurs and individuals make their lives more sane, meaningful and productive.
As a busy entrepreneur, the company’s mission is deeply meaningful to me, and I will be the first to admit that I need to work on all of the advice below.
Let’s dive into Arianna’s best practices for leaders in exponential times.

Arianna Huffington’s 10 Lessons on Exponential Leadership

1. You Don’t Have to Burn Out: We are swimming in a culture (particularly in Silicon Valley) based on the belief that to succeed, you have to burn out – this is scientifically false. People who burn out at work do not perform as well as people who are well rested and balanced.
2. Allow For Time to Renew Yourself: To be your most productive, your most effective, and your most creative as a leader, you must allow time to renew yourself.
3. Do Entry Interviews: Arianna explains, “Right now, everybody does exit interviews. How about doing entry interviews and asking people what they need to feel balanced?” Ask your team proactively how to improve the environment in which they work. The return on this simple question can be extraordinary.
4. Create Elegant Success - Find Your Spot Between Chaos and Order: Arianna spoke about a concept called “Elegant Success” – it’s about finding the right balance between order and disorder. She explains, “You don’t want too much bureaucracy, hierarchy, or rules (ie. absolute order), but you also don't want to have complete chaos.” This takes some experimentation and iteration to get right, but when you do, you can optimize your workflow and maximize your creative output.
5. Our Relationship with Technology Has to Change: Arianna believes that most of us have a very unhealthy, unsustainable relationship with technology right now. We are addicted to it. We waste time using it. It consumes us. This is why she started Thrive Journal within Thrive Global. It’s a media platform to share the latest science about the need to set boundaries and to change our relationship with technology. She wants to create new role models that will shape the conversation around improving our health and productivity. For example, Jeff Bezos wrote a piece for Thrive Journal titled "Why My Sleeping 8 Hours at Night is Good for Amazon Shareholders."
6. Sleep More! Arianna cited a study from the RAND Corporation estimating that sleep deprivation costs us $411 billion per year in lost productivity. You need to prioritize sleep and plan for it ahead of time; otherwise, you’ll miss a critical opportunity to recharge.
7. Put Your Phone Away 30 Minutes Before You Go To Sleep: Arianna explains, “You’ve really got to slow down your brain before you go to sleep. Create your own 30-minute nightly ritual and put your phone away!”
8. Don't Call It Slowing Down: This is really important. Arianna believes that, “If you define these strategies as ‘slowing down,’ you are never going to do them. Nobody wants to slow down, and it's really not slowing down. It's making your life and your work more elegant, more effective and more productive.”
9. Ask for help: In so many cultures, nobody wants to ask for help. Arianna’s goal is to create a community of people who aren’t afraid to ask for help and who want to help each other. If you feel stressed, bogged down, burned out or too busy, ask for help.
10. Make Your Leadership Meetings Device-Free: These days, we’re always multitasking. In meetings, this sometimes means you are in a meeting while sending emails on your computer, sending texts on your smartphone, and receiving updates and messages on your smartwatch. We aren’t fully present, and it’s costing us big time. Instead, make your leadership meetings “device free.” You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish and what you can retain and learn from these meetings. To incentivize your team to leave their devices behind, aim to do meetings in half an hour, rather than an hour. And create a policy around this notion: “If you have something more important to do, don't come to the meeting.”
You should also buy this phone bed from Thrive to let your devices get some rest while you do:

In Conclusion…

Change is coming. Exponential leaders must prepare for it and embrace it.
You’ve got to resolve conflict proactively, expect the best from your team, and fuel their energy to solve problems and create extraordinary results.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the Eve of Spring & No Ruz (A a New Day)

It was another rather challenging weekend around our World.    I could not help but simply laugh as the President of Turkey went after the Netherlands after the Netherlands barred the Turkish Foreign Minister from holding a political rally in Rotterdam--although the Dutch had offered to have an event done at the Turkish Consulate--which is sovereign Turkish Territory.    What The Turkish Foreign Minister wanted to do was against Dutch Law--but that was forgotten by the Turkish President.    Erdogan has been continuing his broadsides as he accused the German Chancellor of hiding terrorists after he and his ministers called the Dutch Fascists.  He seems not to understand that he is playing straight into the hands of the Dutch Racist who's in a neck and neck race as the Dutch go to the polls.   

I note this because Erdogan has been on a rampage in the aftermath of the coup against him last year.   This rampage has included the mass firings of Academics and the jailing of Journalists.  I have added my voice to a number of such cases over the last number of months.   I could not help but be proud when I saw reporting about how the fired Academics held "Street Academies" on the street of the Capital, Ankara.      The fascinating chaos in the aftermath of Brexit in the UK is quite a scene especially as Scotland contemplates its' future, Sinn Fein has gained which underscores the very existence of the United Kingdom and as Brexit is due to be triggered by the British Prime Minister.        

As I go "dark" here in my "Virtual Corner" thru Next Week, I wanted to begin the new Week with two very interesting 'tidbits" I ran across to underscore how the need to be hopeful is ever so critical in our ever-changing world: 

  •  This clip I picked up on TED reminded me--somehow--of me!!   On a more serious note, the message of being open-minded and flexible in this ever-changing world exemplified by what has been happening in the United States, Europe and Korea: 

  • This is a beauty from Bob Dylan:  

Despite the challenging nature of our World (including the Famine Warning issued by the United Nations over the weekend with potentially 20 Million People dying including 7 Million Yemenis), the need to stay hopeful and upbeat is even more important now especially as nature reminds us of it as Spring is indeed in the Air.    

Please enjoy this snapshot on Nowruz:

It is also the Festival of Holi that Hindus Celebrate as Spring looms.   The images from India was just beautiful to be witness to.   Here are some scenes courtesy of Al Jazeera:

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Random Thoughts: On Community & Remaining Ever So Hopeful......

The Beauty of Laguna Niguel 

Being witness to history is always exciting.   As I write this, I am working away as I see history being made in South Korea as the President has been impeached.      I decided to be even more upbeat despite all the profound challenges we've been witness to--The Revised Travel Ban by the President; the twisted saga at Uber and the tragedy in Guatemala.       The beauty of my Hometown, Laguna Niguel, was a fabulous way to take comfort in.   

I was also so blown away by the community over the past few weeks.    This was a scene I captured a few weeks ago from a concert at Aliso Niguel High School as the combined District Orchestra played to a capacity crowd:  

@ Aliso Niguel High School:  The District Annual Concert 

It was also quite a beautiful scene as the High School String Orchestra had another beautiful night a the Soka University Performing Arts Center in Aliso Viejo, California.   I captured an image of it that I shared in support of Donate A Photo:


What I found especially inspiring was the Woodbadge Leadership training that I was witness to.   32 selfless souls joined an intense two weeks of training to understand the key challenges of Management and to enhance their skillsets to be able to serve.   This captured by one of the Patrols was so moving: 

No automatic alt text available.

It captured the sense of fun, engagement, and purpose all in One!!!  It is such that continues to sustain a sense of optimism notwithstanding the very challenges at hand. The challenges are never to be minimized.  But the need to remain hopeful is even more critical now!!!

It is also the advent of Spring and we here in the United States are getting ready for it as DayLight Savings Time is before.  We will lose an hour--but there is also a silver lining:  We will be witness as Nature begins to renew itself in a few weeks.

Onward to the Weekend with all its' possibilities.....

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the Attack in Kabul & #IWD2017

The morning began for me on a sad note as the Military Hospital in Kabul was attacked by gunmen disguised as Doctors attacked and killed over 30 people.   I have a hard time understanding a mentality that drives such evil acts.  It underscores that Afghanistan continues to face profound challenges.   This hospital is in the middle of the Heavily-Guarded Diplomatic Quarter.   I understand most were patients.     I am seeing reports that Daesh (ISIL) is claiming responsibility as some 9 cities have been surrounded by the Taliban.   

Today, though, is also a day to celebrate.  It is International Women's Day and A Facebook Friend posted this on this International Women's Day 2017 with this tribute to all the women of the World.  Google also blew me away with a Doodle to celebrate as it reminded us all that we must "....Celebrate the women who inspire us every day. #HerVoiceIsMyVoice... :

Image may contain: 1 person

Monday, March 6, 2017

Random Thoughts: On Staying Hopeful & Never Giving Up.....

It has been whirlwind of a week as March began.   It was no easy feat to be optimistic as I read about the "Useless Class" and was once again witness to the latest antics out of Washington.   However the need to be upbeat was ever so evident as I worked on supporting the Work of the Daily Outsider and in turn and this "words of wisdom" was quite appropriate ever more:

“Don’t give up now.
Chances are, 
your best kiss,
your hardest laugh,
and you greatest day
are still yet to come.”
~ Author Unkown

Onward to the new Week with all its' possibilities as I leave you all with this: