Sunday, September 30, 2018

Out & About w/Brief Closing Thoughts

It has been quite a month and quite a quarter.  It has been challenging to be witness to the unfortunate political discourse, the continued profound challenges in Iran (a particular focus of mine).  But, I continue to remain hopeful as I have been witness to the continued generosity of spirit.   I produced a Visual Essay reflecting upon the Quarter from a snapshot of my Digital Collection I've got in support of the Daily Outsider as  I decided to "book end" my quarter--as I also did some work in support of the team at the Daily Outsider:

 Of all that I was witness to--nothing was more a sense of pride than when i saw my Son's name in the Eagle Scout Wall of Honor at the Orange County Council: 

Onward to the New Quarter with all its' possibilities...  

Monday, September 17, 2018

Out & About As a New Week Dawns......

I was on the road most of the week-end on Community Projects--as I also was supportive of the work at The Daily Outsider.      I produced two Visual Essays on my engagements throughout the weekend as a new week dawns.    It is witness to such that continues to keep me hopeful in spite of some of the challenges this week: 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Out & About w/ Brief #RandomThoughts on this #9/11

I'm a little upset at myself as I try and do a weekly Out & About in here in My Corner.  It has admittedly been an interesting and challenging few weeks--but as Today is 9/11, it was important to "drop in" with some brief thoughts

Our team at the Daily Outsider released guidance courtesy of the team at 9/11.ORG about how all can make a difference.  As with other days of service and giving, I hope that that all embrace this sense of purpose.    Today, also, was not a day to be "overtly" political.   As for me--like all around the World of my generation-- I remember that day as if it was yesterday--it is still not believable.     I could not help but take comfort in this thought : 

Despite all the odds, one has to believe that there is a brighter tomorrow--and it will be better.   It is at time very challenging for me to live up to it in light of the headlines I see coming out of Iran--but more on that later on.     This is as I also remember another milestone which seems to be so distant now--The Oslo Peace Accords and the promise it represented to all.    Rabin, Peres, Arafat, Warren Christopher are all gone--and it seems as if peace seems to be as elusive as ever especially as the Trump Administration decided to close down the Palestine Mission in Washington in the aftermath of cutting funds to UNRWA:    

I hope I'm closing this on a rather high note as I continue to believe: