Friday, July 7, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the Eve of the W-End :) :)

G20 summit flags World map showing the member countries of the G20

It has been quite a week already as July has begun.    The G20 in Germany was also quite a site to see as the World converged on Germany and as our team continued to curate updates throughout the day over the Twitter Channel fr the Daily Outsider  (and yours truly as well!!).   As I saw Saudi Arabia's Flag (as it is in the midst of bullying Qatar with Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE), I wonder how many suitcases King Salman has taken this time!!!    As I write this, all the leaders have gone to a concert in Hamburg after dinner.  The protests were quite a site to be witness to as Police had running battles with the protesters.    I saw one hopeful development as apparently President Trump and President Putin agreed on a ceasefire in Syria--if it holds is another matter.   This is as differing accounts of the meeting also emerged (not surprised).   But, one larger question was raised by the ever perceptive Marwan Bishara which is quite a read.  

As I finished off my morning Virtual Rounds, I picked this up from my Facebook Timelines which I hope all enjoy as I wish all a great restful weekend: 

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