Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Random Thoughts: On The Prowl 4 the Day re @POTUS #2017Jamboree & Other Thoughts.....

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Donald Trump speaks at the Boy Scouts of America national jamboree.

President Trump went to the 19th National Jamboree yesterday in West Virginia and spoke in front of an Estimated 40,000 Scouts and Scouters.    I made it a point of thanking him over Twitter as I noted that if he does something right--I will note this.   However, when I heard his speech as he made political statements and went after the Fake News Media, it was extremely bothersome--I frankly regretted thanking him over Twitter as I did.  As the Chief Scout of the United States, he needs to lead by Example as many of us Scouters do our utmost to do.   I could not help but wonder in the aftermath of the lies and the example he set.    I appreciate Mashable underscoring the mockery of it--and it was frankly sickening that Rick Perry and Ryan Zinke were smiling as Donald Trump Mocked it. It is unfortunate that Ryan Zinke and Rick Perry forgot it!!

As I was making the early rounds and facilitating support for Daily Outsider properties, I could not help but wonder about he has treated his most loyal guy, Jeff Sessions.   If he treats someone like Jeff Sessions this way, what about the rest of them.    I was glad to see I was not alone--the noted conservative Commentator Erik Erickson agreed with me!!! All of us should be concerned--including all who dismissed the President's antics as being a 'Rookie"--including his current enablers the Speaker of the House and the US Senate Majority Leader.   As I write this, a vote on the repeal of Obamacare is looming in the US Senate as John McCain is on his way back after his brain surgery.   I made it a point of tagging him over Twitter telling him not to forget all the ordinary faces who would suffer if healthcare was taken away--as he received World Class Treatment for his brain tumor at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.   I wonder if he is thinking about his legacy now.     

Challenging Times...

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