Monday, August 26, 2019


I have been out & about over the past week with on-going initiatives.    While I've been on my prowl today, I decided to be supportive of the call to action by Second Harvest that I saw earlier over the weekend:

Dear Partners,

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released a proposed rule that would severely restrict eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). If implemented, this rule would result in three million individuals losing SNAP and 500,000 children losing access to free school meals.

We are asking you to join Second Harvest Food Bank in opposing this harmful rule by writing comments and sharing how it would increase hunger in your community.

Please find below, a template letter for you to use in contacting USDA. The letter can be sent through mail, email, or online link and must be received by September 23, 2019. All comments received by USDA must be read, cataloged and answered in the final rule. As people on the front lines of hunger in our community, we believe it is crucial for USDA to hear your voice.

For questions about the proposed rule, please contact Sarah Tolentino or Brana Vlasic at or

Thank you for your continued support in helping to make sure that we have all the resources we need to help feed the hungry in our community.


Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

As I was working away on commitments at the Daily Outsider, I noticed a call out from the NRDC which I had the pleasure to sign off on especially in light of the disaster on-going at the Amazon--what was so sad was seeing how the Brazilian President mocked the First Lady of France as the Amazon Burnt:

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Mike— For nearly a month, the Amazon rainforest — "the Earth's lungs" — has been on fire. This tragedy affects us all, and is yet another terrible reminder about climate change, how fragile the world's forests are, and how much work needs to be done.

Today is National Toilet Paper Day, a day to act to protect another of the Earth's critical carbon-storing forests — the boreal forests of northern Canada.

These majestic forests store huge amounts of our climate-busting carbon pollution. But the boreal is also being cut at a dizzying rate… much of it to make toilet paper. And right now, too many toilet paper brands use 100% virgin forest fiber that often comes from clear-cut ancient trees and old-growth forests — like the Canadian boreal.

But there's something that we can do to help stop the destruction of the old-growth boreal forest — We Wipe Right.

By pledging to switch from 100% virgin forest fiber toilet paper to 100% recycled, each wipe can help save trees and reduce greenhouse gas pollution and also let companies know you want them to switch to making products that don't flush our forests down the toilet.

Mike, take the pledge to Wipe Right and save our trees — and our climate — by switching to 100% recycled toilet paper. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 pledges, and find out which toilet paper brands are best for the environment.
Never underestimate the importance of toilet paper in our fight against climate change: Destroying forests to make toilet paper is a threat not just to our environment and our climate, but to hundreds of Indigenous communities, iconic boreal caribou, billions of songbirds, and other wildlife that call this ancient forest home.

Too many toilet paper brands use 100% virgin forest fiber that often comes from clear-cut ancient trees and old-growth forests — including Canada's boreal forest.

But, if every person in the U.S. replaced just one roll of toilet paper made from trees with a roll made with 100% recycled materials, we could save 1,083,000 carbon-storing trees.

So, what can we do to help stop the destruction of the old-growth boreal forest? We Wipe Right.

Take the pledge to Wipe Right and help us reach our goal of 100,000 pledges.

By taking the pledge, you'll be on your way to becoming a more conscious consumer of toilet paper and other paper goods. We'll even share more information and resources with you that will give you the rundown on what brands are the most sustainable.

So, in honor of National Toilet Paper Day, help us reach 100,000 pledges by taking the pledge to Wipe Right for our environment. Then find out which toilet paper brands are best for the planet.

Thanks, and happy National Toilet Paper Day!

Shelley Vinyard
Boreal Corporate Campaign Manager, NRDC

Such Random Thoughts won't be even possible without my reflecting upon Iran.    One the Iranian Legends, Googosh, produced this clip capturing how she (and all Iranians) were witness to the last 40 years--the lyrics are in Farsi but the images are striking and the music is absolutely stunning and beautiful as she collaborated with another Iranian Legend, Siavash Ghomeshi: 

I was so proud of this from my second cousin who served as a member of the Production Team for this Movie and the beautiful retrospective she wrote underscoring the profound challenges Iranians face right now and how I understand it has been shortlisted for the Oscars:  

 As I finish off these Random Thoughts, It is in the end about making a difference.    But what the Guardian's Simon Tisdall wrote in the aftermath of the G7 Truly gave me a moment of pause as he closed out his column today with this: "...It’s time to think again about who rules the world, and how – while there’s still a world left to rule...."  

A chilling thought indeed....

Monday, August 19, 2019

#RandomThoughts On the Dawn of a New Week....

It has been quite a weekend that for me began with joining the Cal State Guard Military History Command at the Merage Jewish Center as the Center once again was gracious enough to host the Jewish Medal of Honor Recipients.  I captured this image from the Garden which was extremely moving as I underscored:  #NeverAgain. 

My odyssey  continued as I was at the City of Laguna Niguel 30th Anniversary Carnival.   It was great to be witness to the vibrancy of the Community and the dedication of the City Staff.   It was a pleasure to create grids in support of Donate A Photo.

It has been a distressing week in many respects, though as an Afghan Wedding Party was attacked by the Islamic State and Iran continues to be suffering.    I am trying to understand the writings by a man by the name of Ahmad Al-Ghabanchi which I look forward to helping to feature in the Education Property as I view that Islam is yet to adjust to modernity.     I also had some research/discourse on Social Media on the President as epitomized by the following:

As a new week dawns, I decided to capture some thoughts while on my social media curation initiative which I thought was quite poignant as I look forward to the opportunity to be of continued support for Daily Outsider Projects and on-going initiatives--I remain optimistic ever more in spite of the challenges.

As I note to say Onward to the new week, I close out this weekly #RandomThoughts with the following: 

Remaining Hopeful...

Sunday, August 11, 2019


It has been a challenging week on a multitude of fronts.    I took a little time to be at Mission Viejo Mall as I did a Good turn by recycling some old cell phones.   I caught the headline while on my walkabout.

While awaiting at the ecoATM machine, I saw this:

It has also been a week where I have seen the compassion and caring of healthcare professionals in action at Mission Hospital.    I caught this while at Mission Hospital earlier this week:

It is such that continues to sustain my sense of hope and optimism in spite of the profound challenges the country faces in the aftermath of Dayton and El Paso.   The Time Magazine Cover said it all:

The work at the Daily Outsider has also been on-going--and at times, challenging.       As I was reflecting upon the week that was, all I could possibly motivate myself to do is to remember what these admonitions are and what I must live up to: 

There lies the challenge....

Friday, August 2, 2019

#RandomThoughts As a New Month Dawns.....

It has been quite a month!!

I decided to create a Visual set of #RandomThoughts on my travel this week as I criss-crossed California.  I always knew our home state was great--but it was reinforced.

@CityofDavis, California 

Uncle Vito's:  Downtown @CityofDavis 

@UC Davis:  Visiting the Memorial Union & the Gorham Museum 

@the California State Capitol Park:  The USS California Bell 

@The California State Capitol:  Honoring Governor Johnson 

@ The California State Capitol Park:  Remembering the Firefighters Fallen in the Line of Duty Since 1850 

@ The California State Department of Education 

Traveling Thru California:  The Central Valley (The Breadbasket of the World)