Monday, December 28, 2020

Out & About with some Brief Year-End #RandomThoughts......


Today is the final Monday of 2020 and interestingly enough-the Final Monday of the Decade!! 

It has been quite a decade of heartache also one of hope and resilience.   It is also one of the most beautiful days in Laguna Niguel as rain has arrived and I caught a rainbow while in town today and released this earlier today in support of one of community projects for Donate A Photo: 

The decade, though,  began with a divorce.  When divorce occurs, one has to start again as one has to deal with all the ramifications.   I'll leave that story for another time--except to say that the need to power on and focus what was important was so crucial.   The most important thing was to embrace the gift of life especially as I lost two of my Aunts during the course of the decade.   

This was a decade that I began the journey that has evolved into the Daily Outsider which has grown into four properties with the development of the YouTube Channel along with a collection that has grown into a little over 24,000 images and the launch of my Twenty20 Portfolio.    

The last two years has been quite a journey although COVID has thrown a monkey wrench --although I remain very very optimistic in spite of the challenging times we've been witness to.    It was also a decade that saw me launch my quest for my Doctorate--which has presented it profound share of challenges.  It was so irritating to see debate over the Doctorate of Dr. Jill Biden.   I have the scars to prove it--I look forward to writing about it after I finish it.   

2020, though, was especially quite a year as I was on the road and blown away by the beauty of majesty of my home state, California.     As a Google One Member, I have the ability to track such a memory and decided to showcase it for the Month of November: 

Your November visits
5 new
21 new
Your November activity
7 mi
3 hr
In transit
1,287 mi
37 hr
Cities visited
San Luis Obispo
Moreno Valley
Trip highlight
San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles
San Luis Obispo
Los Angeles
17% around the world this year
You've traveled a total of 4,353 miles so far in 2020
One of the most striking visits was to Camp San Luis Obispo as I walked through Monuments Row at the Base reflecting the history and the immense sacrifice epitomized by the symbols and the history.   
For me, this decade was also  a decade of service.  I  served three terms on the City of Laguna Niguel Traffic Commission and continued on-going community work with a focus on Hunger and the Youth.   I also worked away on doing what I can regarding an advocacy on Iranian Issues throughout my own Personal Social Media Engagements.   This week, for instance, I updated my Facebook Cover to signify support for PS752 Justice--one of the biggest crimes of the Century as Iran's Revolutionary Guard shot down an Ukrainian Jetliner causing approximately 178 people to perish.    January 7 is the one year anniversary and the PS752Justice organization has called for the lighting of a candle which will be an honor for me to join:

We also lost icons.   The Iranian Diva Ramesh was among the many who died in Exile--as I captured this from the great folks at Farhang Foundation that do so much to elevate Iranian Culture and Art in spite of all that the Iranian Regime has done:   
With deep sorrow, today, we learned about the passing of the groundbreaking artist Ramesh.

Ramesh was one of the iconic singers of Iran before the 1979 revolution. She started her career in 1965 with the performance of PARASTOO JAAN on Iranian National Radio's popular GOLHA show, which then catapulted her career and established her as one of the leading female artists of her generation. 

Ramesh performed in many genres of music and was most passionate about jazz and funk. With her signature trendsetting style, she was regularly featured on Iranian television with such hits as ROUD KHOUNEHA, SHARME BOUSEH, ASMAR ASMAR, LABE DARYA, ZAE'R, and AROUSE NOGHREH POUSH just to name a few.

After the 1979 revolution, she was forced into exile in Los Angeles, where she stayed away from the spotlight for the most part of the remainder of her life. One of her last rare songs she wrote and released in exile was TEHROUN, a nostalgic love song to her hometown city and Iran’s capital, as she yearned to one day return to Iran.

“If one day I have the opportunity to return to Iran, I will once again sing for the public from the bottom of my heart."

Ramesh's influence on Iranian music has been tremendous, and she will continue to touch and influence performers for many years to come.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Farhang Foundation family, we extend our heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, and millions of fans worldwide.

As I remember it all, all I know is all I'm thankful for as I wanted to share the following courtesy the great Peter Diamandis which I had the opportunity to submit an article for consideration--another interesting highlight which I look back fondly on.  His thoughts on a gratitude mindset was quite timely:  

It was also painful as I was reading stories about how Mullahs are now slated to be teachers of history and social sciences as injustice rages on with daily executions and an increase in hunger and misery that is just so painful to be witness to.   The struggle will continue no matter  Do you know the advantages of a Gratitude Mindset?

And what might be holding you back?

One of the major challenges we all have today is a pervasive sense of “overwhelm.”

An increasing abundance of opportunities and a dizzying rate of technological progress can often blind us to many of the simple joys in our lives.

What was once a miracle we now take for granted.

In part, this is because technology allows us to do so much more, so much faster, so much cheaper and easier.

But it wasn’t always this way.

As a species, we used to work 80+ hours a week just to survive. To get access to basic food, water, and shelter. All of our technological advancements are giving many of us a vacation from basic survival.

Being grateful means feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation for just how far we’ve come and for what we have.

From a basic “standard of living” standpoint, each of us now has access to more fresh food, clean water, educational content, and medicines than kings and queens had just a century ago.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, each of us has access to more communication capability, more knowledge, and more computational power than the heads of Fortune-100 companies had just a couple of decades ago.

From an impact and Purpose-Driven standpoint, each of us now has the privilege to work on some of the world’s biggest problems, a capability previously only addressable by heads of governments or the preeminent philanthropists.

Problem solving itself has been democratized, and we’re all better off because of it.

We should be grateful.

A Gratitude Mindset involves regularly making the shift from expectation to appreciation and thankfulness.

It means constantly recognizing that we’re living in the most extraordinary time ever in history… that today is better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be better still.

I believe that a Gratitude Mindset is especially important for entrepreneurs. We have so many expectations for the future and our role in creating it that we get impatient… why isn’t it here yet?!

A Gratitude Mindset is 1 of the 6 critical Mindsets that I explore and coach entrepreneurs and leaders on during my Abundance 360 Mastermind every January.

Here is a summary of WHY you should develop a Gratitude Mindset:

With a Gratitude Mindset… 

(1) You know that being grateful enhances your mood and makes you feel genuinely happy. Expressing gratitude causes our brain to release dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions. They make us feel “good.”

(2) You recognize how incredibly lucky you are on both a personal and professional basis, and you take the time to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation.

(3) As a leader, you understand the power of encouraging your team to be grateful. You know that being thankful and appreciative improves the relational well-being for both individuals and the overall group.

(4) You invest in relationships. As my dear friend Joe Polish says: “Time is not money. Relationships are money.” You have to develop and nurture your relationships. Every day, you try to be as useful as possible to those around you. And in your leadership role, you focus on what positive results you can create for others.

(5) You have created daily routines that allow you to reflect on how lucky and thankful you are. And you share those reflections with others in your life in a way that brings you joy, and uplifts those around you.

Regarding this 5th key point above, allow me to share two of my personal practices that I use. 

First, at the start of every Abundance Team meeting (whether on Zoom or in person), we begin by going around the room and asking each member the question, “Who on the team are you most grateful for and why?”

Second, when I go to sleep every evening, before I drift off, I recall the 3 things I am most grateful for from that day.

So, how would your life change if you had a Gratitude Mindset? What are the 3 things you’re most grateful for in your personal life? In your work l

I decided to close out these brief #RandomThoughts with a single image that underscores a sense of hope in spite of the challenging year and challenging decade on this beautiful night in my hometown as Rain pours on ever more:

Onward to 2021....


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

While "Virtual Running"....

 I wanted to share this I released to my FB Wall earlier while rushing with year-end 2020 commitments:

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Out & About With Some Mid-Month #RandomThoughts (Updated)

It has been quite a decade.

I am truly just one grateful dude as I reflected upon the decade:  

It has been quite a month already..and quite a year...very grateful to my fab Friend
Aniko Tolnay Sherry
who shared these on her facebook Wall as I salute her for her selfless dedicated service to
City of Laguna Niguel - Government
as she concluded her term as our Traffic Commission Vice Chair and Chaired our Final Meeting this past Thursday...Our Community is ever so strengthened by such selfless souls including my fab friends
Bill Leber
Stephanie Winstead
Joe Williams and our newest Commissioner Paul Anderson...Onward to we come!!!

As we've also had to deal with the new realities during the age of COVID, Here is a Visual Essay I produced on Life in the Time of COVID earlier as there has been some real distressing news here in California: 

Challenging Times--but we will overcome!!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

While Out & About This Week : Some Brief #RandomThoughts


Over the last few days, I released two  Farsi pieces primarily geared towards the Iranian Diaspora as it has been a challenging 24 hours in Iran with the impending execution of a Swedish-Iranian Doctor and the floods that have devastated Southern Iran.   Meanwhile, here in the United States, we have been once again witness to the latest stunts by President Trump and his supporters which continued with a rejection of a simple resolution on inauguration by the key Congressional Republican Leaders.     I

It has also been a busy few days as I helped curate updates for the Perspectives Property for the Daily Outsider .  I also saw that the Trump Legal Team has signaled it will continue its' fight in spite of its' two key Attorneys, Jenna Ellis & Rudy Giuliani, have tested positive for COVID-19.

I'm gearing up for a year-end #RandomThoughts column that'll be released next week--but I wanted this for this week to be a bit more on the hopeful side as the UK begin administering the Pfizer Vaccine and then of course we have the upcoming Global Citizen Prize Program coming up on December 19 which I look forward to.    

The need to keep the faith is ever so important now.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Some Brief #RandomThoughts On this First Week of December.....


December 2020 has started with a "bang"!!  It is going to be a very busy final month of the year 2020 as we await a new President here in the United States--and as COVID rages on taking an Average of one of our fellow Americans every minute.   This is as President Trump continues to refuse to concede.    

I have been working away on a new #RandomThoughts column here while being busy w/commitments at the Daily Outsider.   COVID is taking its' toll--but the need to stay strong is ever so needed now as I thought about the admonition from Sir Winston Churchill which I noted above.   

My Spotify Corner lightened the load a bit:

Remaining hopeful...

Friday, November 20, 2020

While On a Brief Prowl w/a Single #RandomThought: (Requiem for flight 752)-Loris tjeknavorian

While out & about, I wanted to pay homage to the fallen angels of Flight 752.  As of today, none of the culprits have been brought to justice. 

Please #StaySafe & #WearAMask as I close things out with this courtesy the team at the Daily Stoic:

This has probably not been the year you expected. Few of us went into 2020 expecting an impeachment, a pandemic, riots, murder hornets, earthquakes, fires, record-setting unemployment, a contested election, whales swallowing kayakers and god knows what else has hit you individually. Blew out your knee? Lost a big client? A falling out?

It’s easy to sit here and say this has been a bad year. But is it really so bad? Is it 1865 badWinter of 1777 bad? Was it as bad as many of the years in Marcus Aurelius’s reign? The years at the end of Nero’s? How about 1919—when the world was mopping up after the Great War just as a pandemic was making landfall? Or '68, which had civil unrest, terrorist bombings and a major influenza outbreak on top?

Of course, this is not to dismiss or make light of any of your troubles. Things have gotten real. No one would deny that. The Stoics would simply have pointed out those other examples to help you see that you still have options left. There is still room to maneuver. All is not lost.

They’d want you to have some perspective and also to grasp this simple, black and white truth: Humanity will either survive this or we won’t. You will, or you won’t. Things looked dark in 180 AD, in 1777, in 1865, in 1919 and in 2009. But guess what? We made it through. We survived.

And the people who didn’t? They got their own form of relief too, as hard as that is to wrap our heads around in the moment.

This hasn’t been a bad year. It’s been a year. A year more like some others and less like some others. But it is what it is. You don’t control what it has been, but you have some influence over where it’s going—there’s still a couple quarters left to play. So focus on that. Stay objective and don’t despair.

It’ll get better…or as Marcus quips in Meditations, it won’t and you won't be around to worry about it anymore.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Out & About...Remembering.....

 Today was a day to remember as I had the honor to visit the Orange Wall of Valor here in the City of Orange whereby 1176 flags were set up to in honor of America--normally they set up 1776 flags but scaled it back due to Covid.   They also honored Medal of Honor Winners.

Please enjoy scenes of this day I captured while visiting the Wall of Honor:

I close these brief #RandomThoughts with this as the Commanding General, First Army, paid tribute to another American Hero:

Please #StaySafe, #WearAMask & #BeWell as I also note, #WeShallOvercome.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Out & About w/ #RandomThoughts on Being Witness to History....

 It has been a historic weekend in America.    As I was being supportive of special projects for the Daily Outsider, I wanted to share some of the "discourse" I captured while on Social Media.

The first one below is from the Writer at Large at the Bulwark.   Tim Miller was one of the group of Never-Trumpers in the Conservative Movement that in my view was one of the reasons President Trump was defeated--I am proud to note I am a Bulwark Plus member and what he noted about Joe Biden was spot on: 

  He's never given up and given in.  He endured the loss of his first love, a daughter and a son--fought back from an brain stroke hard and went on to a distinguished career of service.   He notes how he's the luckiest man in the World to have loved twice--and I am confident this will show in how he will govern.   There is no doubt he will disappoint--but he will lead the way in learning to disagree without being disagreeable.   

As I continued my daily "Virtual walkabout" and assessments, what I found especially striking was what the Mayor of Paris noted below: 

When she said, "..Welcome Back America"--it struck a cord.    It was unfortunate when I saw the likes of Lindsey Graham, Roy Blunt (The Senator from Missouri), Kevin McCarthy and others continue to press President Trump to fight.    But, for me, what hilarious was what the great Kaltoons (and I have been a diehart fan ) underscored as President Trump promised to fight on:  

There is of course, Iran.    Some have been speculating that Joe Biden will go "soft" on Iran--I don't believe it at this stage--but vigilance is important because the reality of Iran was captured by this depiction by the leading Iranian Cartoonist for Iran Wire Magazine Below: 

There is, then, the matter of the Election itself and claims of Fraud.   As this stage, I won't speculate about what goes on in other States in the United States.   But, I can attest that in California (and especially Orange County, California) fraud and other "stuff" alleged by President Trump and his supporters simply does not happen.   I just served in my 12th Election as an Canvass Board member and helped with canvassing over 66,000 Ballots over a 16 hour period.   It is a painstaking meticulous process and it was very gratifying to see praise on the work of those of us who were involved in it.   I look forward to my Election Day Diary which I will be publishing soon as I remain hopeful about a better day for America and the World.

Friday, November 6, 2020

On A Brief Prowl w/Some Brief #RandomThoughts

 It has been quite a few weeks --I had the pleasure to serve in the elections and continued special projects for the Daily Outsider as we await the elections.  

As I look forward to sharing an Election Diary, I just wanted to share this from General Russel L. Honoré that struck a cord:

I also ran across this from President Roosevelt that furthermore truly struck a cord:

It is overwhelming at times to be witness to history.

As I finish off these brief #RandomThoughts as we await the formal results, please remember to #WearAMask, Practice Social Distancing, Wash your hands as we together will truly shut down the Virus.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Out & About with Brief #RandomThoughts

 It has been quite a few weeks--and that's putting it mildly.    Although a bit early,  I wanted to share some Month-End #RandomThoughts.   As I "go dark", I implore all to please #WearAMask, Practice Social Distancing and to please Vote:  

Please Stay Safe & Be Well.