Wednesday, December 27, 2017

On the Prowl On this Final Week of #2017.....


I decided to "drop into my founders' corner" to share some final brief thoughts as the year draws to a close.   It has been quite a Christmas Week as a very remarkable year is drawing to a close especially in light of all that we were all witness to.    It is also an interesting milestone of sorts for me here in my "Founders Corner":  This is my 550th Post.   I guess time flies when one is having fun!!! 

I have been on the prowl reflecting upon the year and helping to gear up the Daily Outsider team for 2018.   One of the things I decided to take on was to take the Al Jazeera News Quiz and did "gain" some " Posts on my "AL Jazeera Virtual Passport"!!  Please check it out by visiting it here!!!    

Beyond having a little fun, one very important highlight was when I had the pleasure to join the Our Father's Table Christmas Reception at Doheny State Beach where I have the pleasure to be supportive.  The love shown by all who joined this day of service at Doheny State Beach was such a joy to be witness to.  This gentlemen I had the pleasure to meet spent his days in San Clemente teaching children how to fish.   I produced a Visual Essay on it that is available by clicking here.       

Although our team was "dark" on the Properties during Christmas Break,  the Twitter Channel was quite "vibrant" due to the on-going challenges around our World--and I personally was quite engaged.    The President's decision on Jerusalem, on-going challenges in Europe (including Spain, the UK, Poland), elections in Russia and on-going challenges in Egypt and Israel continued to be challenging ever more that China Daily (that our team at Daily Outsider consults to keep "watch" over China) underscored exemplified by some of these they "Cartooned" that I captured on my cell phone that blew me away:  

China continues to make inroads as the United States continues to withdraw from the World Stage--what China did with Pakistan and Afghanistan with Belts & Roads was the latest worrisome sign.  If I was sitting in the US State Department, I would be concerned especially as we here in the United States have some 15,000 (est) Troops fighting in Afghanistan right now.   There is also, of course, the Tax Cut Bill which was signed into law by President Trump.    Some argue that the new Gilded Age is at hand especially as we had our first 100 Billion Dollar Man:  Jeff Bezos.    Discussions will ensure throughout the year in the Daily Outsider Properties throughout 2018.   

One thing that truly drove me was a story I saw on Al Jazeera on how Guantanamo Prisoners have somehow been successful is sending out their Art.   One example of it was noted below which I also captured as a "screen Capture--the whole article is available by clicking here:   The image of the young Alan Kurdi continues to be emblematic of the profound challenges in our World Today as Syria continues to burn, Afghanistan continues to burn and other parts of the World Continue to suffer ever more.

Despite a very challenging year, I continue to remain hopeful.     I hope that this sense of optimism is not in vain as I embrace these thoughts that was so timely by Jonathan Lockwood Huie and his time that is a must read for me daily--the team at the Daily Outsider has embraced it ever more:

The Joy is in the Journey.
- Anonymous

Find ecstasy in life;
the mere sense of living is joy enough.
- Emily Dickinson

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
- Anonymous

Today is a perfect day to be happy.
Every day is a perfect day to be happy.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Onward to 2018!!!

Happy New Year :) 


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #2017, Remaining Hopeful & Looking Forward to #2018

It has been quite a year--at times extremely challenging.    One thing that rattled me  this past week was receiving this from my Son's High School Principal this past Thursday Night:

Dear Wolverine Parents,

I want to make you aware of some information that school administrators learned of just a short while ago.  There is reportedly a rumor circulating among students and our community by word-of-mouth and social media that there could be a shooting on our campus tomorrow, Friday, December 8th.  As with all such information, we will always take every precaution.  Therefore, this information has been communicated to Sheriffs, the Sheriff’s SMART Team, and the School Resource Officer Sheriff assigned to our school, and we will have an extra law enforcement presence on our campus tomorrow.  At this point, Sheriffs are investigating, but there is no specific information or identified origin of these rumors; therefore, it is likely that this is an unfortunate prank which has spread in an effort to disrupt school.  However, in an abundance of caution, the investigation is ongoing.  Although I believe students will indeed be safe at school tomorrow, I personally want to provide you with the information we have at this time.  If you or your child have any additional specific information on this matter, please contact law enforcement immediately. We want to do everything possible to fully investigate and to identify the origin of these rumors as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.

It underscores the apparent "New Normal" that we have to contend with.   From what I gathered, many parents elected to keep their children from school--there was a  major Police Presence and thankfully there was no incident.   

What continues to sustain my hope is being witness to Community spirit in Action.   One highlight for the year for me was to join the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade as I marched with the Scouts of El Camino Real.   I released a write up on it to the El Camino Real Community Website that is available by clicking it here.  

As I also worked away being supportive of The Daily Outsider and helping with the Virtual property curation for the week, I caught Al Jazeera as it had a very poignant show on the Nobel Peace Prize and the fact that ICAAN won.   For me, the interviews with the survivors of the bombing at Hiroshima was quite moving.    

It was great to see a "snapshot" of all the images that CNN put together- from the poignant moments of 2017-even though CNN and others really gave the Media a black eye over the past week.      I had the opportunity  to capture some of the more poignant moments thanks to Facebook as I work to wind down a challenging 2017 and gear up for a hopeful 2018 in despite the profound challenges before us including a potential recession here in California.

As I close out this final edition of my "Random Thoughts" for 2017, I can't help but continue to be optimistic even though there is a bit of chill running through my spine in terms of whether I am naive or not--I see no choice but to be optimistic and hopeful.  

Onward to 2018 with all its' possibilities.....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Random Thoughts While On a Mid-Week Prowl.....

I had the opportunity to finally drop in to Rancho Capistrano earlier this week.   Saddleback Church has its' South County Campus there and it is probably the most beautiful, gorgeous and peaceful areas I have been at.   I Captured this when visiting the Campus in between Commitments:

Saddleback Church at Rancho Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano 

It was also great to be witness to history in my hometown of Laguna Niguel as I was witness to our new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem take the oath of office.   This is I helped finish a column for the Daily Outsider which was released earlier today in the Main Daily Outsider Property & the Medium Channel as I also finished off being supportive of the Daily Curation Work.    I also ran across two quick things that I wanted to note for my "mid-week" Random Thoughts I ran across on Twitter:

Whenever Bill Gates speaks, I listen--as I also will be "devouring the FP Global Rethinkers:

Global reThinkers

As I finished off this "mid-week" Random Thoughts, I was seeing coverage of the horrific scenes from the fires in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.   The 405 is right now closed (which for those who may not know is a major Freeway here in Southern California).   It is threatening Getty Center that is home to some of the most beautiful of art collections in the World Today.   I have had the pleasure to see it a number of times.   Mayor Garcetti underscored how the City of LA will overcome this.

As I also finish off this , I am awaiting President Trump's Speech on the eve of his on the US Embassy Move--as I finished off these thoughts, he was speaking at the Weekly Cabinet Meeting again recounting accomplishments.    This is as I saw reports that 4 Women US Senators calling upon Al Franken to resign.   I hope he does the honorable thing and does in fact resign to underscore accountability as we have been witness to a revolution thanks to the courage of all those who have spoken out and were honored by Time Magazine.     Our Society will be stronger because of it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

While on the Prowl....

Some "Food 4 thought" as I finished off a "walkabout" and tended to commitments at The Daily Outsider:

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Random Thoughts As I was Out & About in @LagunaNiguelCty Tonight.....

It was a beautiful W-End in Laguna Niguel as Santa Arrived!!  I had the pleasure to be at City Hall Last Night to be witness to the Community coming together yet again with some great Entertainment courtesy of our fabulous kids who attend Capo Unified Schools.    As I also noted when I was on "Grid" last night, it was with a sense of pride as the Military Support Committee spent Saturday starting at 5:00 Am preparing Gift Packets for the USS Stocksdale.   I guess I was lucky to have been able to make it despite commitments all day Saturday-although I did miss the tree lighting ceremony itself!!

It is a great week ahead as well as another pivotal event is before us here in Laguna Niguel: The Holiday Parade: 
I have the pleasure to march down Crown Valley Parkway w/the Scouts on December 9 as I wanted to share this exceprt courtesy of the City's Parade Committee: "....Kick-off the holiday season December 9 by coming to the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade! Starting 10 AM enjoy over 100 exciting entries, including marching bands, floats, special guests, youth groups, equestrian units, exotic cars, military members, local heroes and fun attractions! Parade watchers are encouraged to bring chairs and take advantage of the free shuttle available from the Federal Bldg. parking lot off of Dorine/El Lazo. For more info, visit the parade website...."

It is going to be a very interesting December!!!

On the Prowl Sharing This I released Late Last Night On my Facebook Wall......

Friday, December 1, 2017

Random Thoughts: As December Dawns....

December is at hand.   Despite the challenging month that we'll be witness to, I wanted to begin this with this courtesy of Scott Kelly I picked up earlier in the week while on Twitter:

I also wanted to be a bit "different" my thoughts as I decided to be "digital" of sorts with selections from images and my forays on the Grid I captured: 

Pete Souza On President Obama 

 in Laguna Niguel 

Thanksgiving in Camp Pendelton 

The one from Pete Souza about Barack Obama (in the aftermath of Mr. Trump's claims about "passing on" the Person of the Year being given credence by some of his enablers including Ann Coulter and even Professor Jonathan Turley) was kind of cool.   I did capture an image as the Holidays hit Laguna Niguel and of course one of the highlights of the month:  Being at Camp Pendelton.

Onward to December as I embrace the month w/this courtesy of one of my "Must Reviews" On Twitter that I feature on my own Twitter Feed:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #JFK , #Thanksgiving & Staying Hopeful.......

Although the team @Daily Outsider was "dark" (at least we all tried), the journey of service is never ending to try and live up to the notion of Intelligent Engagement!!!  

The team continued to work away throughout Thanksgiving Week!!!  I had the pleasure ot be supportive as I also helped with curation of Twitter Feeds throughout the last few days. For me, the one that was so moving was remembering and reflecting upon the challenging times America faced in the aftermath of President Kennedy's Assassination in 1963 as exemplified by this courtesy of the #JFKLibrary as President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson walked the funeral procession in spite of what the Secret Service told them not to:

It was also quite a week for me as it began with a day of service at Camp Pendelton serving our fabulous Marines leading a contingent of Scouts: 

Some 800 Marine Families were able to enjoy a thanksgiving meal that otherwise would not have been able to.   It was also quite a day as I joined the Annual "No Lunch Lunch" Event sponsored by the Second Harvest Food Bank to underscore the fabulous work they are doing to eliminate hunger in Orange County.   Some 315,000 people continue to be food insecure in Orange County and Second Harvest has a Bold Goal to eliminate it.   I look forward to writing about it and help feature some of the great work and stories in the @Daily Outsider Ordinary Faces Property over the course of the ensuing weeks and months.

A day is not a day without featuring what is a must read for me and the team:  The Thoughts complied by Jonathan Lockwood Huie that I am always grateful for:

There are all kinds of futures.
There is a hoped-for future,
there is a feared future,
there is a predictable future,
and there is an unimagined future.
- Werner Erhard

There is a great future in front of you,
you can leave your past behind.
- Joel Osteen

Vision stands on the shoulders of what is actual
to get a better view of what is possible.
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Onward to December with all its' possibilities.....

Thursday, November 23, 2017

As It is Thanksgiving...

I wanted to be a bit "funny" I suppose to underscore how thankful I am for all my blessings despite all what at times have admittedly been profound challenges.  I could not help but share this courtesy of the team at the Mission (one of the leading publishers on Medium that I also contribute to) as I helped with some final "tweaking" of the Daily Outsider properties (and it has been quite a week):

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. 
-Melody Beattie

I could not agree more with what Melody Beattie noted as I wish all a happy Thanksgiving.   

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Random Thoughts On the Eve of Thanksgiving Week.....

This day of reflection for me began picking this image on a contest ran as I attended the District Round-table earlier this month--It was too cute not to reflect upon it even though I had noted that I was going to "kind of" take it easy and as the team at Daily Outsider was going to be "dark" although the Twitter Channel will continue to be curated daily.

My Week-End Began with me being at St. Timothy's Parish here in Laguna Niguel yesterday as we geared up to distribute Thanksgiving Meals to 150 Families who had signed up for.   It was a beautiful scene as selfless souls (including the Youth) joined this day of service to make a difference in the lives of those who would otherwise not be able to have a Thanksgiving Meal: 

Today is also kind of a watershed day for me.    As I have been doing the daily reviews, I  am seeing reports in Zimbabwe that Robert Mugabe is slated to resign as President and is slated to address the People of Zimbabwe within the next few hours.    It was quite a scene as I saw ZANU-PF Delegates dancing after they fired him as party leader and expelled his Wife from the Party: 

Pic: Herald newspaper 

I began first writing as I took over editing for my first blog, OutsiderViews,   with a focus on Zimbabwe and Africa and I can't help but be happy for the People of Zimbabwe tonight  (Update:  Well who I called the Butcher Mugabe Did not Resign--it will be interesting to see how things go...) 

It is being witness to such selfless acts of service that continues to sustain my sense of purpose and hope.      As I was reflecting upon the day and reflected upon the trials and tribulations, I picked up this from the Great Steve Jobs:

Almost everything: all external expectations, all pride all fear of embarrassment or failure. These tings just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. 

As I was getting ready to go "dark", I ran across this from the great Peter DIamandis that is a must-read for me at the team at the Daily Outsider which does also underscore a sense of hope and optimism:

The world is getting better at a *stunning rate*, and as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I wanted to offer you some convincing details and data.
My amazing team (for whom I am very grateful) has put together an Evidence of Abundance ebook with those charts and data.
Consider it “conversational capital” for your dinner table conversations or some inspirational reading for your travels. 
This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the opportunity to inspire abundance-minded leaders like you... and that I get to spend every day coaching exponential entrepreneurs tirelessly working to solve the world’s greatest challenges.
Abundantly yours,

I conclude with this simple wish:
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Random Thoughts As Thanksgiving Week is Before Us....

Orange County Civic Center 

I was at the Orange County Civic Center earlier this week as I spoke at the County Board of Supervisors in support of Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.   I captured the image above on the mosaic that is Orange County which is beautiful As I write this, I will be leaving shortly to be at my local Catholic Parish, St.Timothy's Church, as we will be working away processing the latest receipts for our Pantry.  This is as selfless souls will also be working to gear up for the distribution of Thanksgiving Meal later on this morning.  Some 150 Families will receive a full Thanksgiving Dinner.

Wednesday was also another day in Laguna Niguel as I reflected upon the Quarter, business issues and assessing how to end the last quarter of the year strong in light of the challenging year at hand.  I had worked on a Business Project that I decided to terminate.   But what was so gratifying, though,w as to see the Aliso Niguel High School Orchestra perform:

Aliso Viejo High School, Aliso Viejo California 

One of the most beautiful things I was witness to was change in Zimbabwe.    I reflected upon how what got me on the blogging bandwagon was Zimbabwe and how Robert Mugabe drove Zimbabwe to the ground.    I just went back to the Internet Archive "throwback" to check on my first site, Outsider Views, which was then taken on by someone else.   Although I have not seen any updates, I am very happy for the people of Zimbabwe as I hope it can be a new beginning.      The distressing images from Iran and Iraq, though, was profound in the aftermath of the 7.3 Earthquake that has seen hundreds dead and thousands injured.  

As I was getting ready to be "dark", I picked this from the team at MoveOn:  

MoveOn reminded us all about the plight of the Dreamers as it is bound to be a very busy December.   There is an Election in Alabama which has been a major focus as there is also a focus on Tax Cuts which all indications are will favor the top 1% in the Country.      The need to remain hopeful and thankful is absolutely paramount as I saw these compilation of thoughts that I hope all embrace:

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.
- Anonymous

Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Laugh at yourself and at life.
Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity,
but as a remedy, a miracle drug, that will ease your pain,
cure your depression, and help you to put in perspective
that seemingly terrible defeat and worry
with laughter at your predicaments,
thus freeing your mind to think clearly toward the solution
that is certain to come. Never take yourself too seriously.
- Og Mandino

Do what you can, and do it well.
Accept the rest with equanimity, and trust in God.
No one can ever do more than that.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I'll have once again the privilege to be at Camp Pendelton this coming Monday before Thanksgiving to help with distribution of Thanksgiving Meals to Marines.  It is a nice way to begin Thanksgiving Way as I wish all and your families a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #VeteransDay; #FreeNazanin & Being Thankful.....

I have been on the prowl over the course of the weekend.    I had the pleasure to join my parents for dinner over the weekend as we reflected family matters.   It was also a weekend whereby I had the pleasure to be at the Laguna Niguel Remembrance Ceremony.  I could not believe that the first formal ceremony I joined along with my Son was over 5 years ago.    I produced a Visual Essay on it over the weekend:

I also worked on being supportive of the work of the Daily Outsider as I hope the "Notations will be of use.  The team wanted to be more focused as there was a decision to be "dark" during Thanksgiving Week.    I'll be helping with periodic updates, though, on the Daily Outsider Channel though as I usually do as I also did some work on my own Social "Grid" throughout the Weekend.

Sunday, though, was also remembrance day in the UK.   Remembrance Day ceremonies were overlooked by the plight of Nazanin Radcliffe-a British-Iranian Woman detained in Iran over the past 18 months.  I have been periodically tweeting about it and now I am seeing reports of her impending nervous breakdown and now there are reports of lumps in her breast--at the age of 38.    All of this is in the aftermath of what I view as stupidity by Boris Johnson and his colleague, Michael Gove.    I hope that reason prevails in this very tragic case so that Richard Radcliffe is successful in bringing his family home.   

As I personally go dark through after Thanksgiving here and be "taking it kind of easy" on the Social Grid, I am taking stock of all that I am thankful for despite what have been at times profound challenges.   One has to be always ever so optimistic and hopeful as I pray I can live up to the admonitions outlined by Vala Afshar that I have the privilege to follow on Twitter and always gives me a moment of pause:

Happy Thanksgiving to alll!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

On This #VeteransDay2017.....

The Team at the Daily Outsider decided to be dark in honor of Veterans Day W-End.   As I have been assessing overnight developments, what struck me especially was President Eisehnower's admonition on War as Saudi Arabia continues to bomb Yemen, the Taliban wreck havoc in Afghanistan and other parts of the World continue to be consumed by Conflict--truly challenging times.

I salute all Veterans for their selfless sacrifice as it is my honor to share this compilation of Thoughts Thanks to +Jonathan Huie  that is a must read for us all here at the Daily Outsider.

Happy Veterans Day....

Duty, Honor, Country.
Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be,
what you can be, what you will be.
- Douglas MacArthur

Pessimism never won any battle.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery
as a quality which knows no fear, I have never seen a brave man.
All men are frightened. The more intelligent they are,
the more they are frightened.
- George S. Patton

Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence,
is a continuing imperative.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers,
who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt
to offer a solution everybody can understand.
- Colin Powell

The soldier above all others prays for peace,
for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the
deepest wounds and scars of war.
- Douglas MacArthur

War settles nothing.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the VIrtual Prowl w/ @JerryBrownGov & Other Thoughts....

I decided to be "different" for this mid-week edition f "Random Thoughts" to be the prowl for "thoughts' that inspires--because more of it is needed ever more!!

Governor Brown has been traveling in Europe and while at the European Parliament signed the guest book yesterday quoting Virgil.     The translation is this as noted by the Politico's David Siders on his Twitter Feed yesterday "....- to the stars through difficulties, signing welcome book

I could not help but wonder what might have been as I saw these which was poignant especially in light of what happened in Virginia and New Jersey last night that is apparently now starting to "sink in" throughout the Country:

“Anything that annoys you
is teaching you patience.
Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how 

to stand up on your own two feet.
Anything that angers you
is teaching you forgiveness and compassion.

Anything that has power over you
is teaching you how to take your power back.

Anything you hate
is teaching you unconditional love.

Anything you fear
is teaching you courage to overcome your fear.

Anything you can’t control
is teaching you, how to let go”
~ Author Unknown

it is also, in the end, about believing...

BELIEVE(An aria from the Woody Guthrie Opera,
Woody for the People)
I believe in redemption 
I believe in the Truth 
I believe there’s a moment when all that is good 
comes shining through
I believe in transition 
I believe change is good 
It’s the steady confusion of life that transforms 
us from old into new
And I believe … nothing could be so fine 
As Love and Forgiveness … and Mercy Devine
I believe in remorse 
that forgiveness is Truth 
And that nothing else matters as much as the 
love between me and you
And I believe … nothing could be so fine 
As Love and Forgiveness … and Mercy Devine
Michael Johnathon
..and lastly, from one of the guys behind Twitter:

“My dictionary defines opportunity
as a set of circumstances
that makes it possible to do something.
The world has conditioned us to wait for opportunity,
have the good sense to spot it
and hope to strike at the appropriate time.
But if opportunity is just a set of circumstances,
why are we waiting around for the stars to align?
Rather than waiting and pouncing
with a high degree of failure,
you might as well go ahead
and create a set of circumstances on your own.
If you make the opportunity,
you will be first in position to take advantage of it.
We don’t have to wait for it.
We create it.”
~ Biz Stone

Onward to the rest of the week as I also wanted to extend an early Happy Veterans Day!!