Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Out & About with Brief Month-End & Quarter-End #RandomThoughts

The last three months was quite stressful at times--between being on Alert, trying to navigate through the challenges at the Daily Outsider, and the broader World challenges, it left quite a bit to be desired--including the reporting on Russians offering bounty money to the Taliban--which was included in the Presidential Daily Brief in spite of the spin--with this the New York Times reported today by Adam Goldman .   I understand from the New York Times reporting that at least 3 US Marines who  died  in 2019 may have died as a result of this program.    

As I write this, I have been working on a draft #RandomThoughts that will be published next week on Iran.  I also have been helping with editing a column as well on Iran especially in light of the latest UN Security Council Hearing on Iran which was held virtually--that I understood both sides were admonished.    A major explosion also occurred in Tehran at a Medical Center that resulted in the death of 19 people--including a number of Doctors.         

Back home here in the US, It has also been quite a worrisome time as COVID-19 has come back and come back strong--as I was working away on Social Media Analysis and Engagement at the Daily Outsider, I released this to my personal Twitter Feed in support of what Governor Newsom called for--just to live up to what I've called for: 

Vala Afshar--who is a must read for me on Twitter--noted a very critical point that I found very tragic--although I did welcome a call by Vice President Pence and US Senator McConnell to wear masks: 

As I bid farewell to the quarter, all I could take comfort in were these thoughts as I look forward to the on-going engagements during Q3:  

Monday, June 22, 2020

#RandomThoughts As a New Week Dawns....

This week's #RandomThoughts is truly personal--because it is about all I  am blessed with as yesterday was Fathers' Day.  

While out & about with visits to the Social Grid yesterday, I shared thoughts and images remembering all who have made a difference.    I had the good fortune to pay my respects to my Father--I am one blessed dude that is thankful for every semi-millisecond in spite of the challenges.   As we all grow up, we begin to have disagreements with our Parents--and yes our Children.   It is that sense of it all that in the end makes all frankly realize how blessed we are to have them in our lives.    As I was working away on the daily media rounds, I ran across this from China Daily which said it all:

The last few days were admittedly again very trying with some of the events on the political scene and some of the on-going profound challenges in Iran--I have been sidetracked with the contemplated #RandomThoughts I've contemplated on Iran.   I did run across this which broke my heart on the Dad's who lost their loved ones when PS752 was shot down--which also gave me a moment of pause to be even more thankful in spite of challenges:

As I hope to have it soon, I ran across this during a visit to the Biden Campaign Site--the message itself resonated .   I see no choice:

Remaining hopeful.....

Monday, June 15, 2020

#RandomThoughts For the Week

This is my 700th Notation here in my Virtual Corner--and what a journey it has been!!

It was a good day as the US Supreme Court came down on the sign of the LGBTQ community and the Neo-Conservative establishment went crazy.   The opinion was written by Justice Gorsuch--I noted that he might be our generations' David Sutter--I wonder if I will be proven right or not in spite of the circumstances that got him to the US Supreme Court.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Elections.    I helped finished a Notation for the Daily Outsider that is now available in the Perspective Platform.  

I have also been out & about in the Community as I was witness to opening up.   States are opening up--and we here in California have begun to open up.     The cases, though, are continuing to increase which is alarming.     It is upon each of us in our own way to be responsible--but I could not believe my ears and eyes as I saw Rouhani attacking the United States as COVID19 has ravaged Iran and as Iran is agitating to get Arms Shipments resumed--as all the neighbors are arming up.

We are opening up--and it has been great to be witness to a sense of normalcy returning.    I was on alert as a member of the Guard as I also tried to manage some of the other commitment .      As I am writing this, I am listening to Iran E Farda  on the plight of Human Rights in Iran.    Kamran Assa, who lost his Brother during the 2009 Green Movement, was a guest and his anguish was heartbreaking to be witness to.    His humility was humbling as he said how simple a man he was and yet his anguish was profound--and how his level of knowledge and understanding was profound.

I have also been working on monitoring the case of Nazanin Zargari-Radcliffe and the campaign to agitate for the victims of Ukrainian Flight 752 as I look forward to seeing their conference tomorrow: 

It is not easy to be upbeat as I have been witness to so much distress and challenges over the past number of weeks.   But, there is no choice but to be upbeat.     I decided to again be upbeat on this milestone I've achieved here as I am proud of the vibrancy of our Community-epitomized by this from my archives of 2018: 

It was a busy time over Social Media Too as I passed another milestone of over 74,000 Tweets in my personal Tweets and over 33,000 Tweets for the Daily Outsider.    I had to deal with Twitter as it suspended the Daily Outsider and my appeal succeeded.  

As my engagements continued, I captured the three tweets below that to me captured was also a sense of hope for the future: 

I continue to remain hopeful in spite of the odds.

Monday, June 8, 2020

As a New Week Dawns: Some #RandomThoughts

While "out and about" over the weekend,  I compiled  the following visual #RandomThoughts--I look forward to sharing some mid-week thoughts later on alerts, our civil discourse, thoughts on the Daily Outsider , the Post-COVID and Post-Racial World that is before Us & The Elections as I saw some interesting discourse ever the Week-End.  It will also be a "milestone" of sorts as it will be my 700th piece for my "Virtual Corner"--what a journey it has been:  

Friday, June 5, 2020

#RandomThoughts On the Week That Was

 I joined a protest on Wednesday and was so proud to be witness to the young and old and all represent the beautiful rainbow that Is America being there.    I also joined the Webcast for the George Floyd Funeral and stood for 8 minutes & 46 Seconds.    It was just simply powerful--just like Covid , George Floyd's death has changed us forever.    

I'll let the Tweets I chose as I worked away speak for themselves as I will note this:  #WeShallOvercome:

Monday, June 1, 2020

While Out & About....

I decided to take comfort in this as a new month is before Us in light of the very challenging days, weeks and months in our World: