Saturday, August 5, 2017

Random Thoughts: While Out & About in @LagunaNiguelCty & Virtually......

It has been an interesting first week of August--and at times challenging.  I decided to do things a little differently for this "Random Thoughts".

First of, I find it extremely interesting about what I saw on Facebook this week while making my "rounds" with friends.   It has been very interesting as I have seen a proflieration of Writing & Writing related resouces to go and check out.    For instance, I just ran across "Vocal" which is a new platform to help writers/bloggers monetize platform--which is borrowing a page from Medium which I have used and enjoyed contributed.    The Daily Outsider team has also done contributions to Medium from the Properties--which I have helped with.    It underscores how Facebook continues to anticipate--and think.     Most of my Engagement, though, has been to advocate for Community Engagement and awareness--but it is still interesting to say the least.

I also had a chance to reflect upon the last number of months.     The City of Laguna Niguel's New Community Engagement Manager was gracious enough to track down this Video clip prepared from the Earth Day 2017 earlier this year: 

It features the now-embattled Mayor of the City along with others who participated.     The Mayor's fate will be decided during a special City Council meeting on August 7.    One highlight of it was one of our Trailmaster Eagle Scouts who was featured--I made it a point of sharing it with his family.   It was very gratifying to see him featured!!!        It was also quite a week as the City celebrated National Night Out which was great to be witness to.

As I was out and about on business commitments, I had the pleasure also to join the Aliso Niguel High School registration drive.   Some 600 students were registered with the support of ASB student volunteers and PTSA volunteers supporting the School Adminstrators--I reflected on it on my Facebook Wall to pay tribute to all who make a difference.

As the week proceeded and I was on the prowl on business commitments, I picked up on the reporting on a new proposal to change the Immigration Laws to make it more in line with what countries like Canada are doing.    Beyond some of the "hype", the challenge remains that the United States will need a lot more immigrants than not--and it also reminded up of the poignant file by the Great Shahkrukh Khan that showcased the challenges of racism.   I picked up this clip I also shared while on Facebook as well--it speaks for itself: :  

Beyond the challenges domestically, there is also a major event happening in Iran.    Hassan Rouhani, the newly re-elected President, will take his oath after having received his "confirmation" from the Supreme Guide on Thursday (that the Daily Outsider Team noted in a special edition of Notations).     I see reports of some 70 countries having sent delegations.     Although the Team at the Daily Outsider will have some thoughts done on it during the week, I found this published by Islamic Republic Broadcasting was poignant on all the Presidents since the 1979 Islamic Revolution: 

Watch video!

As this working weekend is at hand,  I could not help but feel a bit overwhelmed by some of the challenges at the Daily Outsider and some of the other challenges--and then I saw this: 

It is remarkable that whenever I somehow lose focus, something brings me down to Earth.   

Onward to another working weekend......

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