Monday, February 20, 2023

Working Away with Some late breaking #RandomThoughts on #Iran

Iran's challenges continue--as the National currency, the Rial, has collapsed.   Iran International (who was just forced to shut down live broadcast from London and transfer it to Washington under threats from the Islamic Regime) just released this clip to underscore how far the collapse has gone as one of the leading analysts, Dr. Mansour, noted how nonsense the policies of the regime is--and as the extent of corruption becomes ever so horrific to be witness to :

#RandomThoughts On Iran

As the Revolution rages on in Iran, I pulled some #RandomThoughts while on the Prowl: 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Out & About With Brief #RandomThoughts For the Week


This past weekend, I had a chance to reflect upon how blessed I am in every which way in having had the privilege to serve and to do what I can as a simple ordinary face3 to make a difference.    One example of it has been the Treecard--the opportunity to plant trees to reduce global warming and thereafter contribute to the betterment of society as exemplified below in my most recent contributions: