Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Random Thoughts w/ a Brief Update re: #IranAttacks & The Upcoming #ComenyTestimony...

Last night as I was working away, I finished off some "Random Thought" while on Medium as I was thinking about a very challenging 24 hours.   But, today is a different day as I helped curate selections from #OneLoveManchester for the Network and was able to "snag two of them" for my own "selection" as I dedicate this also not to the Manchester Victims, but also to the London Victims, the victims in Afghanistan  (and the last report I saw was that 150 Afghans had died in the horrific attack in Central Kabul) , in Syria, Iraq (as the war in Mosul rages on and on) and Yemen who continue to suffer on an hourly basis--we must do better as I also picked up one more from one of my favorite groups, Cold Play.

I add my voice to say thank you to Arianna Grande for showing leadership as she did to remind all that there are indeed better days ahead and one must never ever look at anger.  To paraphrase Mehdi Hassan of Al Jazeera noted on a Tweet (That Donald Trump Jr did not take kindly too) , we will not allow the lowlifes to win because we will not be terrorized by any terrorist: 

(Update:  I just picked up this image from insde Iran's Parliament as those inside Parliament were to be "Shelter in Place .    The Economist noted it so in its' usual Mater-of-Faact way:   No one has been spared:  

Photo published for Iran attacks: ISIS assault on Tehran may lead to surprising alliances in the Middle East

...and then there is the Comey Testimony--and if the written testimony is any indication, it is bound to be an explosive day....

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