Thursday, June 15, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #MoreInCommon & Other Thoughts....

As I write this, I am finishing off helping with some late curation for the Daily Outsider as  the planning for the 3rd Quarter is also continuing.   It has been quite a week in our World especially as we have been witness to a horrific shooting incident in Virginia that left Congressman Scalise of Louisiana and having been witness to a very scary 24 hours in London with a true "Towering Inferno".  I have just been blown away by how the Community of London had come together.  There was so much sent that the charities had to send donations away!!   I am watching live feed of Sky News as commentators are reviewing horrifying accounts of the fire and how the Children were crying out loud.   There was a story of one witness having talked about being witness to 25 people dying.     It is an absolute tragedy.

I was also quite proud of what was done for the properties as the decision that was made to honor the memory of Jo Cox.   She was a member of the House of Commons and was an ardent supporter of the UK remaining in the European Union who was brutally murdered one year ago  by a terrorist who has been sent away for the rest of his life.     The Great Get-Together has been established by the Jo Cox Foundation to remember her as I finish off with this: 

Great Get Together


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