Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Random Thoughts (Mid-Week Edition): On The Will To Do & the Soul to Dare.....


With all that has been going on this week (and it is only Wednesday), I decided to be just a bit more upbeat than usual.    I will admit some of the reporting I have seen on budget cuts, on healthcare and on what has been going on in the Middle East has been extremely worrisome--especially as I saw on Facebook some Kuwaiti and Bahrani MP's saying that Iran's Khuzestan Province must be declared a "occupied province"--I could not help but laugh.   This is especially as I see the daily updates from the Electronic Intifada on the horrific state of Palestinians.   

I could not help but ask how Jordan's King Abudullah, Abdul Fatah Al Sisi, King Salman, The Emirati Amirs and The King of Bahrain have the nerve to sleep at night while Palestinians have no water, little food and no electricity.  I have decided not to include the Yemeni President (who is under Saudi Protection) or Syria (that has ceased to function as a State).    Oman, at least, is the sensible one--along with Qatar who continues to be bullied by Saudi Arabia that now has a new Crown Prince, King Salman's Son (the genius behind the Yemen War).    The Saudi Royal Staff will be working "overtime" as they have to take down portraits and put up new one's!!!!

Although there was hope for us to be able to think through Q3 at the Daily Outsider is paramount, the continued challenges around the World is critical as the team continues to live up to its' mission to help change the conversation--and embrace the will to dare!!!   I had the pleasure to again support this with two new write-ups appearing over the next day or so along with the curations on Twitter.    It has frankly been overwhelming--but There is nothing but a Hindi Musical Clip that could brighten anyone's day.     I reminded all (and most of all myself when I wrote about being hopeful even when faced with profound challenges with a reminder from Plato that even the Gods love jokes): 

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