Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Random Thoughts (Mid-Week): On Pride in @LagunaNiguelCty, Being Blocked, Having Fun & #Love

It has been quite week in my hometown as I had the pleasure to attend the Phase 2 ribbon Cutting of an icon of our City, Crown Valley Park.    I was especially appreciative of the City Staff having left the hand prints of the City Council on it.    I shared some brief thoughts on it on my Personal Facebook Wall as a point of pride--while scrambling to tend to on-going commitments on a number of fronts. .

Today was also quite a day as I began the day joining a morning w/the City's Leadership.    It is great to see that the City Leadership is starting more of an outreach effort--and then it was a day on staff at the St. Timothy's Catholic Parish Pantry.    Our team served almost 35 families today.   But what was so funny while I was "back at work" at The Daily Outsider was when I saw this:

For those who may not know who he is, he's the President's Social Media Director.     He has blocked me from his personal twitter feed--even though he cannot legally block me from his official Twitter Account.   I guess it is nice to be recognized--I made it a point of noting that I am wearing it as a badge of honor because it underscores a profound sense of insecurity that is at the heart of his attacks. 

As I made a number of  I ran across this from my Facebook timeline, though:

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The team as @Daily Outsider was also good enough to let me share "We Shall Overcome" Over my own Twitter Feed--and I made sure Dan was tagged on it--hopefully he gets the message as America has always survived Patriots like them.    I also made it a point of commenting to David Frum of the Atlantic and Charlie Pierce of Esquire--I figured they'd appreciate it.     Maybe he thought I'm a "troll" or something--thankfully I'm not!!! 

Running off...and having fun despite profound challenges......

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