Thursday, August 31, 2017

Random Thoughts: As August Ends.......

It has been a whirlwind of a month working away on projects and continuing to be supportive of the on-going development of the Daily Outsider as it continues to evolve.     As I was reflecting upon the month, I ran across this courtesy of the team at We Funder that I have the pleasure to have an affiliation with:   

“America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. You let me make a difference. A place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up.” - Lin-Manuel Miranda from the musical Hamilton 

As many will realize, this is a scene out of the smash Broadway hit, Hamilton.  It is about the celebration of the American Spirit that was shown in a major way as we were all witness to the devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey.    I was also very proud of our Community Response as underscored by this as members of our local first responders were dispatched to Texas to assist with the relief efforts: 

Orange County Supervisors Congratulate the Successful Hurricane Harvey Rescue Efforts of California Task Force Team 5 -
08/29/2017 01:59 PM PDT

Supervisors Bartlett and Spitzer, who are also members of the OCFA Board, applaud the successful rescue efforts of members of Orange County Fire Authority and the Anaheim and Orange Fire Departments that make up California Task Force Team 5.

This was also a month that saw Laguna Niguel Community yet again ever so vibrant.  I have had the pleasure to be at the 2017 Relay for Life Event which was held earlier this month and I share some thoughts while on Facebook earlier in the month:

Had the pleasure to the City of Laguna NIguel American Cancer Society Relay For Life today at Niguel Hills Middle School--it was a great pleasure to members of Troop 772 of our OCBSA - El Camino Real District Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America leading the pledge today...and so inspired by the courage of the survivors--a special shoutout to Chick-fil-A in Aliso Viejo for keeping me hydrated as I walked 8 laps to honor the memory of my Aunt Khaleh Pari, my Uncles Sassan & Shahrokh and cousin Sina who've fought this disease along with many wonderful friends who have prevailed...A special shoutout also to the event co-chairs Martha McNicholas & Ross Chunwho spreadheaded this cause...and our City Leaders Mayor Fred MinagarLaurie DaviesElaine GennaweyJohn Mark Jennings who joined....and all who made a difference...a nice way to end the Summer....a pleasure to share this in support of Donate a Photo  as one of the youth volunteers was nice enough to capture which I spruced up with Prisma.AI....great to be witness to such in our vibrant community....

It was also another highlight for me as my Son and I joined one of our Eagle Scout Candidates as we we were at the Shays' Center in San Juan Capistrano as we supported the beautification project  and shared some brief thoughts on the Troop's Facebook wall as well:

Had the pleasure to join a morning of service with one of our Eagle Candidates, Ryan C., as almost 40 of the Trailmasters joined a Beautififcation project at J F Shea Therapeutic Riding Center...making a difference yet again!! Congrats Ryan and a Virtual High Five to all who joined this Day of service   

The challenging political landscape was also quite concerning as we await a very September challenging September.   I did take heart in the GDP Report which is a good sign.   But whether that is sustained or not is a big question.       Because I wanted to make sure I maintained a positive and upbeat note as I finished off the month, one highlight for me was this I saw courtesy of Global Citizen that blew me away along with some thoughts-Satti's story especially resonates as it is a story of hope and overcoming odds:    

She is a true ray of hope after the tragic years that Greece has been witness to.   It is about in the end an embrace of the art of the possible.

A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits. - Richard M. Nixon

Let anyone determine yourself worth.
Speak without listening.
Give up before you’re ready.
Forget to breathe.
Settle for less than you deserve.
Dim your sparkle.
Complicate what you can simplify.
Make promises you can’t keep.
Believe it’s too late to begin.
~ Author Unknown

This is as I also picked up this while doing my final "rounds" in Facebook about the true predicament of us here in Mother Earth that at times seem to be forgotten by all in the midst of Missiles, Guns and the quest for Technological superiority (underscored by what Apple has in store for instance on September 12th) and  the petty that seems not to be of importance :

Onward to September and beyond with all its

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