Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Random Thoughts (Mid Week): On An Evening Of Service W/the Scouts & Other Thoughts....

It is mid-week as I work away.   I could not help but have a sense of despair in the aftermath of the President of the United States' News Conference.     As I caught his Press Conference, I saw two of his Cabinet Secretaries just stand there--as the President went off as  he did as he lied.   But, the need to be positive is ever so critical.    I appreciate Governor Kasich's Comments that underscores what many of us believe--whether the Republican leadership has the backbone to call out Donald Trump by name is the challenge: 

& of course, this: 

This clip is telling....and tough to listen to......

I wanted to stay hopeful--and being around the Youth was one key area for me to do so.   I had the pleasure to be at Laguna Niguel City Hall as the Boy Scouts of Troop 772 led us all in the Flag Salute--which has been a tradition of our City for over 20 years: 


I had expected the Council to deliberate The Residential Parking Permit Program--but that apparently was moved to a future Council Meeting.    It was nice to be witness to Democracy in Action--I was also glad to see a Young Lady who was an Attorney noting how being curious led her to be at the Council Meeting--I wish I had asked her to consider applying for an appointment on a City Commision.

As I finish off these brief Mid-Week Thoughts, I picked this up courtesy of Darren Hardy that is ever so uplifting: 


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I end these Random Thoughts with this from the Persian Poet Saadi (that I have the privilege to have as my Personal Badge On my Google Plus" about one overriding fact:  We are all part of one human family (and it does not matter if we are black, white, brown, red, Yellow):   

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