Monday, August 14, 2017

Random Thoughts: On Quite a Night in my Hometown of @LagunaNiguelCty

The Beauty of Laguna Niguel @Night 

It was an interesting, busy and challenging few days as I worked to support the on-going curation  at The Daily Outsider Properties.   I had plans to dedicate my own Random Thoughts to thoughts on Iran as I had reviewed reports about corruption and abuse of power at the highest level and reflect upon lessons to be learnt.  .  The best laid plans, though, are always somehow "sidetracked" I was at a special meeting of the Laguna Niguel City Council tonight.

What was before the Council was the Status of the Mayor.    The Mayor of Laguna Niguel abruptly resigned, handed in his resignation  and left the Chamber. (The OC Register just reported on it within the past thirty minutes)   He has been the subject of an investigation due to harassment and bullying of City Staff.   According to the City Attorney, 9 individuals have been identified which will be interviewed by Outsider Counsel in the process of being retained by the City Attorney.    The emotions were quite high as each member of the Council spoke and all of them nearly broke down.   The eloquence of the Council Members who were clearly stunned by this abrupt resignation clearly resonated as they reflected upon tonight and asking for the Community's help.   All speakers were also just as eloquent in expressing their support for the Council.   Mayor Pro Tem Fred Minagar will be formally sworn in at tomorrow's regularly scheduled meeting--I will be attending it as I will be assisting with the opening flag salute as I also will stay to be witness to the Residential Parking Permit Program the Traffic Commission recommended be before the Council.   I have the pleasure to serve as a Commissioner and our Commission worked diligently with the help of the fabulous City Staff to bring it to fruition.

As I was reflecting upon this day, I thought about my own day and how I was witness yet again to the fabulous selfless souls in our Community.    At St. Timothy's Parish, the Pantry was busy with serving the clients--some 60 families were served today.     This is as 90 families received backpacks for their children as school is slated to begin next week.    This is just a small yet so beautiful an example of how the Community of Laguna Niguel comes together on a constant and consistent basis for the benefit of all.   It is a joy and privilege to be witness to it all:

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