Thursday, May 4, 2017

Random Thoughts (While on My Virtual Walkabout): On #Obamacare; #Iran & Other Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week and it is not even over yet as it has been quite busy at the Daily Outsider.  I wanted to refrain until the weekend to reflect upon the challenging week.   Yet, the passage of the Obamacare Repeal bill in the House made the headlines--as did the signing of yet another Executive Order.    It is only an opening salvo--a lot still has to happen--one of my eloquent Facebook Friends noted this to be the Republican Jonestown which I hope to build on later on this weekend.     This is also as I  was one of the apparent 1 Million Google Users that got attacked by a Google Docs' phishing attack.   Thankfully, I did not open it and reported it as a phishing attack.   Apparently, others were not as lucky.     

Beyond the shores of the United States, there is Iran.    It is frankly an exciting campaign--but it was overshadowed by the tragic death of the miners who died in an explosion.   This beautiful Tribute that underscores the tacit disregard by regime for the plight of ordinary was evident courtesy of the team at Iran Wire:


I continue to remain hopeful though as I was witness to Community Spirit in Action as The Taste of Aliso Niguel occurred.  I created a grid on it to reflect further upon reason to remain optimistic despite a very challenging world we are faced with:  

Onward to the Weekend!!

(A Brief Update-Just got this from the IC3--as someone who also got taken for this kind of a scam as well--and filed a complaint on it, I wanted to make sure I pass this on to all:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-CERT
National Cyber Awareness System:

05/04/2017 06:36 PM EDT

Original release date: May 04, 2017The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert describing a growing number of scams targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. These sophisticated scams are classified as business email compromise (BEC) or email account compromise (EAC) and use social engineering techniques to defraud businesses.
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the IC3 Alert for details and refer to US-CERT Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks.

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