Saturday, May 27, 2017

Random Thoughts (W-End Edition): On #MemorialDay2017 & Other Thoughts......

It has been a rather extra ordinary challenging and tragic  week in our World on a multitude of fronts.    As the team at The Daily Outsider has gone dark for the Memorial Day Week-End, there will still be updates though as my own personal feed will have  my snapshot courtesy of which I am grateful for.

Ramadan is starting tonight that seems one Billion Muslims begin the journey to rekindle their faith and their sense of purpose.   I picked up this from Scott Kelly as he had this from his #YearInSpace as he captured Makkah, where the Kabeh is--that Muslims are obligated as part of their obligations to vist during their Hajj Pilgrimage: :

The news is the news--but this is also Memorial Day Weekend to honor all Americans who have served in Uniform.    It was also quite a day for me personally as I was in San Diego yesterday on a project I was working on and had the privilege to be at the San Diego Military Processing Station.  It was a privilege to see the young as they were going the process to join the Armed Forces.    I was given permission to capture the Sailor, Soldier and Airman's Creed that I then created a Grid on as a tribute to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and the members of the Coast Guard who have served America so valiantly.   

As I drove back to Orange County to be back at Work, I decided to visit the Miramar National Cemetery that was on the way.   It is in the flightpath of the Marine Corp Air Station Miramar and the afternoon was just beautiful as the flags flew in the Avenue f the Flags as I drove in to the Cemetery for a walk through.      From what I saw, it is one of the newest National Cemeteries where all who have served are buried.        The Grid I created has the Panorama I captured from my visit from the Avenue of the Flags along with the creed.   What struck me (and I noted this earlier while on Instagram and on Twitter) was one particular graveside.     A lady walked up to lay some flowers at a graveside and I captured it afterwards:

By the time I had turned around, she had disappeared.   I took a quick peak and saw that he was one of the fallen of the Persian Gulf and was only 26 years.   It struck me in a major way as I worked my way back to Orange County--it was a stark reminder of savoring every millisecond that one is blessed with.   I took heart in this "Thought" as our #Outsider journey continues as I will be "pounding the virtual pavement" to gear up for a challenging month:

“If you love what you do
and are willing to do what it takes,
it’s within your reach.
And it’ll be worth every minute
you spend alone at night,
thinking and thinking about
what it is you want to design or build.
It’ll be worth it, I promise.”
~Steve Wozniak

School is also ending for Capistrano Unified School District.    I was so blown away as I got word through the Aliso Niguel High School PTSA team that this past Spring saw 53 Aliso Niguel Students contributed over 3,000 hour of Community  Service Hours--they are the future and it is gratifying to continue to be witness to such wonderful news.

All I can say is this:  Onward to June with all its' possibilities...

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