Sunday, May 21, 2017

Random Thoughts: Briefly On the Dawn of a New Week.....

I can't help but note how much of a historic week it has been.    Whether it was the Iranian Elections,  the on-going drama in Washington, the President's trip to Saudi Arabia (including his Sword Dance with Saudi Royals--that including Steve Bannon and Rex Tillerson--this narration is in Arabic) and of course all that went on and about down here in South Orange County.    It was so great to be witness as the 2016 Laguna Niguel Citizen of the Year was named.   David Tuma has been one of the "Super Volunteers" of Laguna Niguel for almost 30 years and I was so happy to see him be named.

I wanted to begin the week on a high note as I picked up this courtesy of Ted about how to make sure that we truly live a life of purpose: 

Playlist of the week

Onward to the new week with all its' possibilities as I wanted to make sure I did not forget all my blessings !!!

How to live many lives

During the span of a single life, how do you reinvent yourself? Meet five people who have found creative ways to fit many lives into one. Watch

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