Sunday, May 14, 2017

Random Thoughts: On Being Thankful Despite On-Going Challenges.....

It is a bit overcast here in my hometown of Laguna Niguel as I reflect upon what has been quite an interesting and challenging week at times--and a challenging quarter.   I have lost almost three weeks of productivity   now on Friday as I saw some challenges as I was dealing with my network being slow on my "third string" system.   Here is a sampling of the challenge I had to contend with (1191 Threats on one machine alone!!): 

As I write this, it seems as if the malware has finally dissipated as I may have been lucky--although I consider myself as one of the 200,000 people who was impacted by the Ransomware attack.

As I have been doing a mid-quarter assessment of where things are especially in light of the challenge of the past three weeks, I took stock of all that I'm thankful for as I had a chance to join a morning of service with my Parish Pantry--as I continued to be "down" with system issues.   My son and I also spent a day with Eagle Scout Candidates yesterday:

We helped plant over 800 Plants at the City of Mission Viejo's Norman P Murray Center to help maintain and transform the Center.   The Mayor of Mission Viejo dropped by as the City Manager of Misson Viejo joined the this morning of service.

It is witness to such that gives me hope despite all the challenges in our World.     As I finished off some work for Outsiders and finished visits "on the grid", I picked this image that reminded me of all that I have been blessed with:

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Remaining hopeful ever more!!


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