Saturday, April 8, 2017

Random Thoughts On this Palm Sunday 2017 W-End: On Peace, #America, #Syria & Other Thoughts...

Although a challenging weekend on the business front, I took some time to reflect as I visited the Autry in Los Angeles and joined the National Language Service Corp LA Chapter at the Griffith Observatory.    One more highlight of the day (after a very stressful morning of business affairs) was joining the effort by Our Fathers' Table to create 100 Easter Baskets for the Homeless and be ready for an Easter Egg Hunt for the Homeless during Easter next week.

I produced a visual essay of this day of reflection:

Earlier tonight while "on the grid" on Facebook, I reflected upon the day as I saw the story of America.      It reminded me of how truly blessed we are--and how we must never forget.

This is also Palm Sunday weekend.   A compilation of thoughts was featured on the Outsider Properties to remind all of the admonitions of Jesus on this day.    I also picked up this very powerful notation from the scholar and activist Elahe  Amani remembering the plight of Syrian Women and how ordinary faces should never be forgotten:

Wishing all a restful Palm Sunday and a fabulous Week.....

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