Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Random Thoughts: On a Brief Walk-About.......

I decided to take a bit of a "different tack" for this edition of "Random Thoughts" as mid-week approaches.  As I was working away, I was reminded of how blessed I have been especially as I'm about to tend to a number of Community Commitments including serving as a stand-in for one of the stalwarts of our Community and tend to a few other community commitments over the next day or so.   


All I will note in a response of all who are fighting for justice and freedom:  You are not alone.   This was even more evident as Turkey took a step towards dictatorship as Turks approved the suite of Constitutional Changes by a narrow margin.  I had held out hope that Turkey will show the way for the Middle East--Unfortunately, that is not to be as I saw reports from Fox News that more journalists have been indicted on terrorism charges.   This is as President Trump called the Turkish President to congratulate him on the win despite all that the reservations expressed throughout the World.   I also saw earlier today the latest out of Zimbabwe as to how it has edged closer to the edge of the abyss as Mugabe refuses to quit.     Queen reminded all us of this: 

& as I hope all remain cool & Hopeful.....

...I picked up this courtesy of the scholar and human rights activist Elaheh Amani that she released to her Facebook Wall late last night that she translated from Farsi the  seven admonitions from the Great Rumi: 

1) In generosity and helping others be like the river.
2) In compassion and grace be like the sun
3) In concealing others' faults be like the night.

4) In anger and fury be like the dead.

5) In modesty and humility be like the soil.
6) In tolerance be like the ocean.
7) Either you appear as you are or be as you appear.

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