Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Random Thoughts: On an Interesting Day

It was another interesting day as I worked away on commitments for the Daily Outsider which I hope all find educational.   Our team congratulated at HuffPost on its' new "Evolution" and wished them well--I found it interesting how they seem to have somehow adopted the Al Jazeera Way in their "look and feel".

It was also a day for a moment of Pause and Reflection as I was on Facebook and shared this on my Personal Wall that My Cousin Goli shared earlier tonight:  

I wanted to take this moment to remember all my loved ones including my Aunt, My Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers who passed away.   I wanted to remember the memory of the Foster Family that took me in and supported me in the Early Years.   I also wanted to also take a moment to be thankful and appreciative of all who are living and all my blessings.   Sometimes, it is not about Money--to paraphrase Oprah Winfrey, if one appreciates what one already has--one ends up having more!!!


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