Friday, December 1, 2017

Random Thoughts: As December Dawns....

December is at hand.   Despite the challenging month that we'll be witness to, I wanted to begin this with this courtesy of Scott Kelly I picked up earlier in the week while on Twitter:

I also wanted to be a bit "different" my thoughts as I decided to be "digital" of sorts with selections from images and my forays on the Grid I captured: 

Pete Souza On President Obama 

 in Laguna Niguel 

Thanksgiving in Camp Pendelton 

The one from Pete Souza about Barack Obama (in the aftermath of Mr. Trump's claims about "passing on" the Person of the Year being given credence by some of his enablers including Ann Coulter and even Professor Jonathan Turley) was kind of cool.   I did capture an image as the Holidays hit Laguna Niguel and of course one of the highlights of the month:  Being at Camp Pendelton.

Onward to December as I embrace the month w/this courtesy of one of my "Must Reviews" On Twitter that I feature on my own Twitter Feed:

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