Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Random Thoughts While On a Mid-Week Prowl.....

I had the opportunity to finally drop in to Rancho Capistrano earlier this week.   Saddleback Church has its' South County Campus there and it is probably the most beautiful, gorgeous and peaceful areas I have been at.   I Captured this when visiting the Campus in between Commitments:

Saddleback Church at Rancho Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano 

It was also great to be witness to history in my hometown of Laguna Niguel as I was witness to our new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem take the oath of office.   This is I helped finish a column for the Daily Outsider which was released earlier today in the Main Daily Outsider Property & the Medium Channel as I also finished off being supportive of the Daily Curation Work.    I also ran across two quick things that I wanted to note for my "mid-week" Random Thoughts I ran across on Twitter:

Whenever Bill Gates speaks, I listen--as I also will be "devouring the FP Global Rethinkers:

Global reThinkers

As I finished off this "mid-week" Random Thoughts, I was seeing coverage of the horrific scenes from the fires in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.   The 405 is right now closed (which for those who may not know is a major Freeway here in Southern California).   It is threatening Getty Center that is home to some of the most beautiful of art collections in the World Today.   I have had the pleasure to see it a number of times.   Mayor Garcetti underscored how the City of LA will overcome this.

As I also finish off this , I am awaiting President Trump's Speech on the eve of his on the US Embassy Move--as I finished off these thoughts, he was speaking at the Weekly Cabinet Meeting again recounting accomplishments.    This is as I saw reports that 4 Women US Senators calling upon Al Franken to resign.   I hope he does the honorable thing and does in fact resign to underscore accountability as we have been witness to a revolution thanks to the courage of all those who have spoken out and were honored by Time Magazine.     Our Society will be stronger because of it.

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