Wednesday, December 27, 2017

On the Prowl On this Final Week of #2017.....


I decided to "drop into my founders' corner" to share some final brief thoughts as the year draws to a close.   It has been quite a Christmas Week as a very remarkable year is drawing to a close especially in light of all that we were all witness to.    It is also an interesting milestone of sorts for me here in my "Founders Corner":  This is my 550th Post.   I guess time flies when one is having fun!!! 

I have been on the prowl reflecting upon the year and helping to gear up the Daily Outsider team for 2018.   One of the things I decided to take on was to take the Al Jazeera News Quiz and did "gain" some " Posts on my "AL Jazeera Virtual Passport"!!  Please check it out by visiting it here!!!    

Beyond having a little fun, one very important highlight was when I had the pleasure to join the Our Father's Table Christmas Reception at Doheny State Beach where I have the pleasure to be supportive.  The love shown by all who joined this day of service at Doheny State Beach was such a joy to be witness to.  This gentlemen I had the pleasure to meet spent his days in San Clemente teaching children how to fish.   I produced a Visual Essay on it that is available by clicking here.       

Although our team was "dark" on the Properties during Christmas Break,  the Twitter Channel was quite "vibrant" due to the on-going challenges around our World--and I personally was quite engaged.    The President's decision on Jerusalem, on-going challenges in Europe (including Spain, the UK, Poland), elections in Russia and on-going challenges in Egypt and Israel continued to be challenging ever more that China Daily (that our team at Daily Outsider consults to keep "watch" over China) underscored exemplified by some of these they "Cartooned" that I captured on my cell phone that blew me away:  

China continues to make inroads as the United States continues to withdraw from the World Stage--what China did with Pakistan and Afghanistan with Belts & Roads was the latest worrisome sign.  If I was sitting in the US State Department, I would be concerned especially as we here in the United States have some 15,000 (est) Troops fighting in Afghanistan right now.   There is also, of course, the Tax Cut Bill which was signed into law by President Trump.    Some argue that the new Gilded Age is at hand especially as we had our first 100 Billion Dollar Man:  Jeff Bezos.    Discussions will ensure throughout the year in the Daily Outsider Properties throughout 2018.   

One thing that truly drove me was a story I saw on Al Jazeera on how Guantanamo Prisoners have somehow been successful is sending out their Art.   One example of it was noted below which I also captured as a "screen Capture--the whole article is available by clicking here:   The image of the young Alan Kurdi continues to be emblematic of the profound challenges in our World Today as Syria continues to burn, Afghanistan continues to burn and other parts of the World Continue to suffer ever more.

Despite a very challenging year, I continue to remain hopeful.     I hope that this sense of optimism is not in vain as I embrace these thoughts that was so timely by Jonathan Lockwood Huie and his time that is a must read for me daily--the team at the Daily Outsider has embraced it ever more:

The Joy is in the Journey.
- Anonymous

Find ecstasy in life;
the mere sense of living is joy enough.
- Emily Dickinson

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
- Anonymous

Today is a perfect day to be happy.
Every day is a perfect day to be happy.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Onward to 2018!!!

Happy New Year :) 


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