Monday, November 13, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #VeteransDay; #FreeNazanin & Being Thankful.....

I have been on the prowl over the course of the weekend.    I had the pleasure to join my parents for dinner over the weekend as we reflected family matters.   It was also a weekend whereby I had the pleasure to be at the Laguna Niguel Remembrance Ceremony.  I could not believe that the first formal ceremony I joined along with my Son was over 5 years ago.    I produced a Visual Essay on it over the weekend:

I also worked on being supportive of the work of the Daily Outsider as I hope the "Notations will be of use.  The team wanted to be more focused as there was a decision to be "dark" during Thanksgiving Week.    I'll be helping with periodic updates, though, on the Daily Outsider Channel though as I usually do as I also did some work on my own Social "Grid" throughout the Weekend.

Sunday, though, was also remembrance day in the UK.   Remembrance Day ceremonies were overlooked by the plight of Nazanin Radcliffe-a British-Iranian Woman detained in Iran over the past 18 months.  I have been periodically tweeting about it and now I am seeing reports of her impending nervous breakdown and now there are reports of lumps in her breast--at the age of 38.    All of this is in the aftermath of what I view as stupidity by Boris Johnson and his colleague, Michael Gove.    I hope that reason prevails in this very tragic case so that Richard Radcliffe is successful in bringing his family home.   

As I personally go dark through after Thanksgiving here and be "taking it kind of easy" on the Social Grid, I am taking stock of all that I am thankful for despite what have been at times profound challenges.   One has to be always ever so optimistic and hopeful as I pray I can live up to the admonitions outlined by Vala Afshar that I have the privilege to follow on Twitter and always gives me a moment of pause:

Happy Thanksgiving to alll!!!

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