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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Random Thoughts On The Eve "Mid-Week"....

As the World was witness yet again to the horrific scenes in Syria in aftermath of the Regime's Chemical attack --and as The Trump Administration blamed the Obama Administration along with the continued partisan challenges in Washington, The Daily Outsider  team decided to take a moment of pause to reflect upon the possible to try and live up to the mantra to "Work to Change the Conversation about our World".    What I found especially interesting was the continued challenges faced by Fox News in the aftermath of Bill O"Reilly troubles--and how Fox was silent about it all--although it continues to thrive.   I was also blown away as to when another retailer was afflicted with what I will begin to call the Amazon Effect: Payless Shoes--that declared bankruptcy and will be shutting down 10% of its' stores.    Amazon seems to be unstoppable.     This is as I picked up Jamie Dimon's latest letter that is about 45 pages long--some of the outlets yesterday (including Bloomberg & Reuters) provided highlights--it is a must read for all just like Warren Buffet's.

As I helped with some mid-week curation of thoughts to be published later on tomorrow throughout the #Outsider Properties, I dug this up from my own archives that is so appropriate which I hope all enjoy and be inspired by....

For me, Rule 2 was especially poignant as the #Outsider journey continues.    

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