Sunday, March 10, 2019


On the Road in Irvine at the Chinese Cultural Center 

It was quite a week that began with my joining an orientation for the upcoming special election in Orange County tomorrow.    I captured the above image while at the Chinese Community Center in Irvine last week.    I appreciate the opportunity to once again be witness to Democracy in Action. 

What blew me was my morning of service as a Principal for the Day as I hope to reflect upon it soon.  I also had the pleasure to represent Our Fathers' Table at a Community Meeting to discuss the mission of the organization and I was so appreciative of the graciousness shown by the Host Organization:  Niguel Shores Mens' Club.  This is as the weekend started with a Lent Retreat at St. Timothy's that was quite reflective which I also look forward to write about.     I will also note that a week is not even possible without my mentioning the work at the Daily Outsider.   There are some interesting things going on which I look forward to talking about real soon--it is kind of fun to see the blood, sweat (and yes tears at times) finally coming together.

It has been also quite a week on the weather front in Southern California..   Rain may becoming again--but Laguna Niguel is as beautiful as ever as the #LN30 celebration is continuing onward: 

I am glad to see as the City has staffed up to further its' on-going outreach efforts with some fun stuff including TriviaThursday--I just noticed banners that went up Crown Valley Parkway.     It is also Nowroz as I had the pleasure to put up the "7 Seen" at my place--it is not the most creative but the spirit of it all is what is absolutely critical to underscore:

This beautiful Persian Melody captures the beauty and majesty of advent of Nowruz:

I could not help myself but finish this set of #RandomThoughts with this beautiful Hindi Medley -   - From the Classic Mujhse Dosti Karoge  (which means will you be my friend) from 2002 w/ Hrithik, Kareena and Rani:

Onward to the new week!!

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