Thursday, March 14, 2019

Out & About with Brief Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week!!

What I got from the American Red Cross made my day:


Thank you for being an American Red Cross platelet donor. Your platelets may be a lifesaving gift to patients in need, including cancer and trauma patients, individuals undergoing major surgeries, patients with blood disorders and premature babies.

After first ensuring local needs were met, your donation on 02/26/2019 was sent to UC San Diego Health - La Jolla Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA to help patients in need. Your donation made its way to save lives.

Platelets have a very short life span – only 5 days! It's critical for us to collect platelets continuously to ensure they're available for patients when they need them. Your ongoing donations are greatly appreciated. If you're eligible to give again, please schedule your next donation today!

On behalf of the hospitals and patients we serve, thank you for being a Red Crossplatelet donor!

Dr. Pampee Young
Pampee P. Young, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer
American Red Cross

As I also have been quite busy with commitments at the Daily Outsider and also doing a Nowruz Countdown--In that spirit, I decided to share this I released earlier on Facebook where the Tehran of yesteryear was so beautifully depicted:

I have also been agitating to be supportive of the case of the Lawyer and Human Rights Activist Nasrin Soutodeh and the extremely harsh sentence she was handed down.     The tribute by the Director Jafar Panahi (which I will translate by Nowroz) was just beautiful--I just finished adding my name to the most recent Amnesty Petition as I say loudly #WeWillReClaimIran.

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