Wednesday, March 27, 2019

#RandomThoughts: Mid-Week Reflections on #IranFloods, Hope and #Nowruz :)

It has been horrific to be witness to the floods in Iran. However, what I caught on Instagram from Shiraz was so full of hope that I decided to share it with this mid-week editoin of #RandomThoughts here in my Virtual Corner--I agree with Mohsen Sazegara that all of us must be focused on supporting all who have been victims and then hold the Regime to account--I have underscored it and this from Tavana noted how as all were swept away, only the incompetent officials were kept in their posts--and meaningless gestures like endless meetings, pleadings of poverty (as exemplified by the 1st Vice President) and a meaningless walkabout by the Revolutionary Guard Commander:

It was quite disappointing to see this as well too as well:

I caught this very insightful 25 minutes which I view as quite optimistic as Iran begins a new year on a very tough and challenging note, though:

As I conclude these brief thoughts, I will note that #WeWillReClaimIran as I close out this mid-week reflection with a beautiful tribute to Nowruz in Kurdish and Lori--two of the beautiful dialects that is part of the beautiful Iranian Mosiac and as I pay tribute to the Royal Family of Iran: 

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