Saturday, March 23, 2019

#RandomThoughts As Spring's In the Air!!! :)

@ Mission Hospital In Mission Viejo, California 
It has been quite a week at the Daily Outsider as I am keeping fingers crossed about sharing some reasonably decent good news.   In the meantime, the work at hand continues.   It has also been a joyous time having been witness to the joy and beauty of Nowruz.   BBC Persian, Iran International and other Farsi-Language Broadcasters had quite a party--and what was so amazing was how the average Iranian Ordinary Face was dancing, singing and having fun in spite of all that the Regime tried to pull off.  

I had the pleasure to be supportive of my Aunt over the Week-End as she was at Mission Hospital and I was witness to how they yet again lived up to that mantra I captured above.  As the hospital resonated with the music celebrating the birth of a bay, it reminded me of when my Son was born as I eagerly await his decision on where he will attend College--How time flies!!

As I was working away, I was quite amazed by the email I caught below:

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