Saturday, March 30, 2019

Out & About On the Eve of April w/Brief #RandomThoughts

It is Earth Hour here in  Laguna Niguel as I decided to share some final thoughts.    It has been a profound month and profound quarter in many ways.   The depiction of Nowruz above was beautiful in spite of the horror faced by an estimated 20 Million Iranians based on reporting I saw.

In spite of profound challenges both personally and professionally, I am one grateful dude in every which way I could imagine--and closing out the quarter with a bad case of the flu was not helpful.   One highlight was to have been able to once again serve in the special elections and being once again witness to Democracy in Action:

But today is also a very distressing anniversary:   The day that Khomeini ordered his so called referendum that formalized the establishment of the fascist Islamic Republic--I remember the day as folks went out to vote here in Southern California on that horrible day of infamy--and it was reported as a point of pride by one of the regime's mouthpieces on Telegram: 

Discussing politics will be left to the pages of the Daily Outsider as we will hit the ground running starting in April.   I remain excited about the prospects in spite of the odds--as I look forward to the possibilities.   There is no other choice!!!

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