Monday, February 5, 2018

Random Thoughts: Reflections & Thoughts....

Well, a Superbowl is yet again history--The Philadelphia Eagles Won.    I did not watch it as I am not a Football Fan--I could have as it was being streamed live on Amazon Prime.  For me, the film Concussion with Will Smith totally sealed the deal.   Justin Timberlake did the half-time show--without Janet Jackson!! 

I had also been working away as I finished off some major Twitter Curation epitomized by this:

I also worked away as  I had the pleasure to be supportive, yet again, of the team at the Daily Outsider on a rather challenging World.     The Notations to be published should be interesting and engaging for all with the live feed of Al Jazeera & Sky News along with the daily updates on Twitter.

I decided to be a a "tad" different as I captured these thoughts on the eve of a challenging week ahead:

 Onward to the New Week with all its' possibilities.....

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