Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Random Thoughts: On @SpaceX; The Future; #Iran & Other Thoughts.....

It has been quite a week as I wanted to take some time to reflect.   I  caught the launch of Falcon Heavy by SpaceX that the team at the Daily Outsider released the launch.  What blew me away was how the Tesla with Spaceman was released--and Elon was right when I caught his interview on how it was all Fake!!  For those of us Geeks, it was great though!!!  Elon Noted how "crazy things can happen"--easier said that done no doubt. 

Beyond the beautiful day we were witness to, there was the usual "stuff" out of Washington that our team also released a Notation on.    There is also Iran as I captured these while on my "Grid Walkabout":  

This first one depicted one of the leaders of the current Government in Iran, Ahmad Khatami--who has at least 10 jobs I am directly aware of.   At a Friday Sermon, he called for the execution of the leading opposition figures under Arrest:  Mehdi Karoubi, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard.  These three were the leaders of the Green Movement violently crushed in 2019.   The left of it is Mir Hussein Mousavi who reminded all that those who steal from the poor to enrich themselves will be held to account.   This is as the image below captured the plight of the Islamic Republic right now including the notion of the Supreme Leader itself discussed by a leading Iranian Analyst from London (discussed in Farsi): 

As I finished off projects for the Daily Outsider and hope that all will be of interest, I picked this up on one of my Community Initiatives which I have the pleasure to contribute to.   

Onward..as I wish all a fabulous rest of the week and a fabulous weekend!!! 

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