Friday, February 23, 2018

"Out & About in @LagunaNiguelCity": Witness to Community Spirit Yet Again....

It was quite a morning after a fabulous night last night here in our Community.   I had the privilege to be witness to the talents of our Youth as Middle and High School Students performed brilliantly at the Combined Concert at Aliso Niguel High School.   I have been reflecting upon as I was witness to all in Laguna Niguel who live up to this admonition on a constant and consistent basis this morning as I finished off some notes for key leaders throughout the community on the community breakfast I attended at Laguna Niguel City Hall. 

This was a  breakfast hosted by Mayor Geneway of the City of Laguna Niguel that included representatives from our strong & vibrant Faith Community (Mission Lutheran; St Timothys; Knights of Columbus; LDS) , Schools (PTSA; CUSD); Lion Club; Rotary Club; Community Organizations (including the Botanical Preserve) -and that's a partial listing).     

I briefed the attendees on  scouting and put an initial plug for Scouting for Food 2018--as I shared how such efforts have a profound impact noting how such outreach has a direct impact at the St. Timothy's Pantry--where we serve some 4,000 families a year .  I also underscored how they can draw upon the scouts for helping to staff community projects & engagements (especially Eagle Projects...) as especially Schools are in need to help do whatever that can be done to help elevate on-going facilities.     What was especially welcome was the update on the revamp for the The City of Laguna Niguel is about to launch a corner for Community organizations..and I will ask that the District have a place on it. 

In my notations earlier to key community leaders, I noted  the following two key events that Scouts can leverage for Community service hours (as well as others) :

  • Jr. Civics Workshop (Three sessions coming up--check out the City's Website--March 13, April 10 & May 8--and it counts for Service Hours both for School & on-going Scouting Service Commitments) )
  • Earth Day ((April 21))  

In addition, The Laguna Niguel Historical Society is working to spearheading a number of Community initiatives     What I found especially welcome was that The Mayor & the City manager are also available to speak to share updates (she has a 20 Minute powerpoint presentation).   It was also great to see how the City has so many fabulous programs for community engagement:   
  • March 9-11:  ; Senior Games (  
  • March 24:  Bunny Bonaza (9-12 at Chapparosa)
  • April 5 :  Meet the mayor at the Crown Valley Park Sprayground (starting at 4:30 PM
  • April 14:  High School Job & College fair at City Hall (Sponsored by the City's Youth Committee..and the Mayor reflected upon the most recent joint meeting the Council had with the Committee and how the Youth spoke out on the tragedy in Parkland and follow ups the City will be making with our new Chief of Police Services & the Fire Chief...) ((Event starts at 10 AM))
  • May 18:  Music & Arts Festival (crown valley park amphitheater)

It was also quite a moment of pride for me personally as our Board of trustees President, Martha McNicholas noted that our District is going solar and Trustee Jones noted that our District has been honored as being one of the leaders in the AP (advanced placement program).   The vibrancy of the PTSA volunteers was also ever so evident--which was gratifying to be witness to.    

It is a joy to be witness to it all--it is being witness that makes me hopeful ever more as March is before us....

Onward to March with all its' possibilities!!

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