Thursday, February 15, 2018

On the Prowl....

I normally take to my virtual corner here  weekly as I work on commitments in support of the Daily Outsider--but it was a very tough day yesterday Valentine's Day.   I was on the road visiting my Mother and my Son's Mother and did not know the extend of the tragedy until I was back at my Office.   As I have been reading away, catching up on the views , I was just absolutely blown away and there are chills in my spine as I write this --As a Dad, I am proud of him.   I tweeted this out earlier tagging the leaders to ask this:  Do you hear him?      This is as I saw this on The Last Word on one of the other Student Heroes as Parkland Florida was declared the safest City in Florida.   Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas, talked about how "Democrats" are politicizing this.   He does not understand that this is not a Democrat, Republican, Right, Left, etc. Issue.   It is a Civil and Human Rights Issue.   As a parent, I dread this day hourly as I also was listening to one of the parents that was interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell and could not even imagine.    He's right: I am tired of praying too.   Do you hear us? 

Inaction is not enough anymore--I did see what David French of National Review talked about--but I don't understand why an AR-15 is legal and why even we can't exclude those on Terror Watch List can be excluded now?   ..and it was on Valentine's Day.

This can't be the new reality--we can do better.    Kids should not have to be worried about shootings--and the idea that kids have to even endure it is just wrong.

Do We hear them all? 

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