Monday, January 1, 2018

Random Thoughts: Reflections & Hopes.....

Cancer Kicker

As the new year is now at hand, I have been reflecting upon quite a remarkable year.  For me, the final 10 days of the year was quite a 10 days for me. 

My final 10 days began with a day of service at the St. Timothy's Parish Pantry as that final week before Christmas we served some 152 Families.    I also attended the Homeless Memorial Service at Christ Catherdal and produced a Visual Essay on it.    Some 210 Souls died on the Streets of Orange County in 2017.    

As I worked to wind down Project Commitments for the year, my Christmas Eve began with a day with the American Red Cross.    I had signed up to give Blood--and I ended up giving Platelets to help Cancer Victims.     As I was working away in support of commitments at the Daily Outsider, I picked up a thank you email from the American Red Cross with this image which I am proud to feature.   It was a proud moment for me to do this--and yes I was entertained too!!!   It was also such a privilege to be able to join the Our Fathers' Day Homeless Reception at Doheny State Beach.   This is as The Daily Outsider's New "Landing Page" was launched courtesy of the team at Google.    It was interesting how the Economist of London was so dismissive of the evolution of Virtual/Digital Media in light of the rise of Facebook & Alphabet/Google.
The New Year has already begun in earnest as I say onward to 2018 with all its possibilities as I took comfort in this from Dr. King as two weeks from today America remembers his life and legacy & of course amused by what I was up to on Pandora as I hope to start New Year with a "Bang"!!!  

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