Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Random Thoughts While On the Prowl re: #MLK2018 & Other Thoughts.....

I normally write here weekly to reflect upon the week, the work at the Daily Outsider and other on-going thoughts.  As I was on an extended commitment for the Daily Outsider, helping with Social Media Curation and assessing other initiatives, I was extremely moved and profoundly grateful when I got this earlier this afternoon:

I wanted to share these thoughts as I am about to be "dark" for a few days as I wind things down over the next twenty four hours to attend my Uncle's Funeral who passed away--a true gentleman of faith and class that was always larger than life for us all.

Tommy R  attained his Eagle Rank last month and taking the time to share this truly made my day.   If one makes a difference in even the life of one individual, one has succeeded.   May the almighty continue to grant all who serve the continued strength to make a difference especially as America gears up to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on #MLK2018 as I wind down my thoughts with this from Dr. King:

MLK 2018 

Every day is a day of service--I will be on the road tomorrow as I will at St. Timothy's Parish and then later on attend two meetings on Schools that I have the  privilege to serve on.  Although #MLK2018 is a day to step back and reflect, one should not stop serving--and do what can and should be done to make a difference in the lives of all:




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Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, Mr. Pouraryan!
Thank you!