Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Around Town In South County: The Latest From our Hometown of @LagunaNiguelCty (Laguna Niguel, CA)

Our hometown, Laguna Niguel, was deemed the 11th Safest City in California out of the 485 Cities in California.    This milestone was achieved in large measure due to an engaging outreach effort by Laguna Niguel Police Services spearheaded by the Neighborhood Watch Program.     Laguna Niguel Police Services hosted an informational session for the Neighborhood Watch Captains on Tuesday March 29.

During this training session, Deputy Perez of the Orange County Sheriff's Department spoke on the need to be ready, to hide and yes necessary to fight.     The most important admonition was also underscored :  If you see something, say something!!!   The presentation featured a number of scenarios and thoughts for all to be aware.   

As the end of the Quarter looms, we wanted to end with two cool events coming up in our Hometown.   The "I AM SECOND RUN' is on April 30 at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park.    Registration is still available at http:/ click on the Icon Below: 

There is also the Run4Water run also at Laguna Niguel Regional Park on May 15, 2016.  Registration is available by visiting
Please enjoy a clip of the possiblities this represents:

 This was also as the Laguna Niguel Traffic Commission spreaheaded an Education and Outreach Campaign on Pedestrian Safety that our team featured as part of our commitment to support @donateaphoto to empower our Community to be aware and to be safe: 

Onward to the New Quarter.....

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