Sunday, April 3, 2016

Notations For the Week-End (Special Edition): An #Outsider newsflash re: On Fish For Life

We here @ #Outsiders have been long-standing supporters of Fish For Life.   We hope all consider voting for this wonderful charity that makes such a difference in the life of Special Needs Children and their Families.     We are pleased to see this call to action from Fish For Lifes' Executive Director, Jim Holden: 

Ahoy Mates!

Before starting your weekend, please click a vote for Fish for Life!

Just go to this link and click “Vote” under the Fish for Life section:

We received a nice article today in the Orange County Register thanks to our good friend Don Glasgow!

I’ll send one last reminder Monday which will be the last day to vote!
(You can vote over the weekend!)

Thanks to ALL for your support!!

Have a super weekend!

Jim Holden
Executive Director
Fish for Life!
"We're spreading the Love one boat at a time!"