Saturday, March 26, 2016

As We Bid Farewell To The First Quarter......

It was a vibrant Quarter throughout South County.  Aliso Niguel High School was the scene of the annual open house for incoming Freshman.   There was not a single space of cars as incoming Freshman and their anxious parents met with teachers and attended a briefing by the leadership of the High School.    It was so gratifying to see the support of the parents as they staffed the Wolverine Grill--our founder noted how the chilli was just great!!!!

This quarter also saw the Orange County Register sold to the Digital First Media that Owns the LA Daily News.     We understand from reports that Employees will be sacrificing quite a bit as the new owners take control.     We were also privy to reports that Memorial Care's San Clemente Facility will be closing which will result in layoffs and challenges with Emergency Coverage in the Southern Area of the County.    We will be assessing these as we look to the new Quarter.

As it is the dawn of Easter, we wanted to share this thought as we wish all a wonderful Easter:

“If we could look into each other’s hearts
and understand the unique challenges each of us face,
I think we would treat each other
much more gently, with more love,
patience, tolerance, and care.”

~ Marvin J Ashton

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