Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Around Town In South County: Developoments Around the State

We received the following two very interesting insights on what has been going on in our State courtesy of the team at Public CEO which is quite interesting in light of the changes in California and the opportunities it represents for Communities:

California Tool to Fund Badly Needed Infrastructure Growing in PopularityAfter years of the vacuum left by the end of California’s redevelopment agencies, the California Economic Summit two years ago helped craft a robust new financing tool for local governments looking to pay for local infrastructure and economic development. Now there are an estimated 60 projects under consideration across California using the “Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District” as a way of funding projects. And that number is expected to increase.
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“Toilet to Tap”: A Potential High Quality Water Source for California
Reusing water is not a new concept to many Californians. Many municipalities across California have facilities that treat wastewater to high standards, which allows it to be reused for agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation, and industrial use. Other municipalities, such as the Orange County Water District, treat wastewater even further using advanced technologies, and use the treated wastewater to supplement drinking water supplies by injecting it into underground aquifers. In this manner, they practice indirect potable reuse, or IPR. However, there is a third method of reusing wastewater that is not currently practiced in California: direct potable reuse, or DPR.
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