Monday, May 26, 2014

The Dawn of a New Week in South County: On Youth Development, Service & Other Thoughts....

It has been an interesting day around the World as well as around South County.    Just like many cities around the United States, the City of Laguna Niguel will be holding a Memorial Day Event to honor all who have fallen which is being spearheaded by American Legion Post 281.   

 What has also been quite amazing is some of the activity on the "Social Grid" about a call to action to help with some of the Public Places which we hope to further reflect upon including the Aliso and Wood Canyon Park and the trail that seems to be in need of repair.   Hopefully one o the Eagle Scout Candidates will be able to take that on.

Summer time is also at hand and with it a lot of opportunities for the youth to get involved. One key programs in South County is Aliso Aquatics at Aliso Niguel High School which has the following key programs for Youth Water Polo Players and Swimmers: 

·         Swim Lessons:  All ages and abilities, private and semi-private lessons available. 
o   Registration days 5/31, 6/2, 6/21

·         Swim Clinic: Advanced swimmers only.  Focus on Stroke development.  Expected for all boy/girl incoming freshmen who wish to be playing at Aliso Niguel High School.
o   Registration days 5/31, 6/2, 6/21 or  
o    Polo players can contact Coach Lynch $100 discount for registered water polo players:  MAX 30 spots.  First to sign up hold the spots.

·         Water Polo Summer Camp:  Any/all first time water polo players ages 7-13.  Younger/newer returning players.

·         Advanced Water Polo Summer Season:  Older/more experienced returning players

·         High School Girls Water Polo:  9th-12th grade girls.  Incoming 9th graders do not have to have experience!!!!

All information is on the website

As this day is before us, this perceptive thought 4 the day is ever so crucial: 

Moving forward

Live this day based on the way you can be, not on the way you have been. Live this day focused on your best possibilities, not on your worst fears.
One big thing that makes life so amazing is the constant opportunity to move forward. As you live this day, choose to make the most of that opportunity.
Whatever the situation may be, whoever may be to blame, your best option is to move forward. No matter how the past has been, or what you have or do not have, your best choice is to move forward.
There is something you can do right now that will make a positive difference and move things forward.
Find it and do it.
If you’re dismayed and don’t really feel like doing anything, what will quickly help you feel much better is doing something to move forward. If you’re not sure what to do, move forward just a little and you’ll soon see ways to move forward even more powerfully.
There may be plenty of good reasons to give up, and yet there’s one even better reason to keep moving forward. It will inject new substance and energy into your life, and with that, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
— Ralph Marston.

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